37 – Farewell Axeil, Hello Daaanty + Tons of Updates & ’20 Rando Resolutions

37 – Farewell Axeil, Hello Daaanty + Tons of Updates & ’20 Rando Resolutions

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It’s a bittersweet day for Go Mode as we say goodbye for now to our good friend Axeil. GG Ax. But since we needed to keep that triforce energy strong, timp and Hurfydurfy had no choice but to seek out a 3rd host, and boy did they hit the jackpot with Go Mode’s newest co-host Daaanty.  On the final episode of 2019, we get to know Daaanty a bit better, and then it’s on to news—lots of news. Main tourney, Challenge Cup, mystery rando, entrance rando, and even more are discussed. Plus, we want to hear your Rando Resolutions!

4:10 – Meet Daaanty
34:05 – Fall Tournament Group Rounds
42:50 – Challenge Cup Group Rounds, etc.
51:20 – Winter 2019 Festive Randomizer
1:03:30 – Mystery Seeds
1:08:30 – Dungeon Door Randomizer
1:11:50 – Racing Council Update #2
1:25:40 – Rando Resolutions
1:30:45 – Bi-Weekly Seeds & Wrap-Up

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Daaanty’s Motivation, “The Cure to Quitting”
Follow Daaanty on Twitch

2019 Fall Tournament
Challonge | Match Schedule
Tournament Race Recommendations (from Ep. 36)

Challenge Cup
Challonge | Match Schedule | Discord
Go Mode Podcast Twitch Channel

2019 Winter Festive Randomizer

Mystery Seed Preset Weights
Type ‘$help mystery’ in the #sahasrahbot channel of the main ALTTP Discord for help setting mystery seed weights.

Dungeon Door Randomizer by Aerinon
Acktheboker having a normal one

Racing Council Update #2

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