46 – Our Favorite (Musical) Things + League Brackets & Mentor Tournament 2020

46 – Our Favorite (Musical) Things + League Brackets & Mentor Tournament 2020

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Metal and dance games and weird polyrhythms
Bass guitar solos with phat slapping in ‘em
Sharing music and the joy that it brings,
These are a few of the gang’s favorite things

(Don’t worry, timp, Daaanty & Hurfydurfy still hit tons of ALTTPR news in this one, including league bracket coverage and a very special GMPMT announcement, but for a feature they take a break from ALTTPR and instead share some of their favorite music and musical ideas. Hope you enjoy!)

6:15 – ALTTPR League Brackets
8:20 – Crashes During Races
21:25 – Mentor Tournament Returns
31:25 – Rapid Fire News: Spoiler Tourney, Ladder S1, Uncle & Quit
36:10 – GMP Community Updates
40:25 – Hurfydurfy
1:09:10 – timp
1:26:00 – Daaanty
1:43:00 – Wrap-up

LINKS (visit gomodepodcast.com for full urls)

Website | GMP Fantasy League

Spoiler Tournament Discord
ALTTPR Ladder Discord
Qirn-land (Unc & Quit Info)

Megadeth – Holy Wars
Soften the Glare – Turn Around
Vulfpeck – Three on E
Victor Wooten – The Lesson
Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil has Landed
Doom Eternal – Meathook

Koji Kondo – Boss Theme (ALTTP)
Koji Kondo – Ganon Battle (ALTTP)
Kenji Yamamoto – Ridley’s Theme (Super Metroid)
Kenji Yamamoto – Meta Ridley (Metroid Prime)
Metroid Metal – Boss Medley
Lydian Collective – Legend of Lumbar

Iamchris4life YouTube Channel
Chaos (example of BPM gimmicks to trip you up)
Max 360 (physically hardest song he’s gotten a perfect full combo on)

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