48 – Taking Damage (How to Not Die) + MT20 Begins & racetime.gg

48 – Taking Damage (How to Not Die) + MT20 Begins & racetime.gg

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GMPMT Exhibition Race! Friday, May 29 @ 8:00 PM EST on twitch.tv/gomodepodcast!

After timp addresses some minor tech issues, he and Daaanty welcome fearagent to the podcast to wrap up ALTTPR League’s 2nd season, recently concluded. Hurfydurfy joins back in to discuss some last-minute Mentor Tournament 2020 business, the new racetime.gg platform, and two really great Fetch Questions at the end of the show. FEATURE: The gang breaks down all the ways you can take damage in ALTTPR and, perhaps more helpfully, advises on ways to avoid taking said damage.

2:25 – ALTTPR League Season 2 Recap w/ fearagent
24:45 – Mentor Tournament Kicks Off
31:00 – racetime.gg
38:55 – Crosskeys Tournament Returns
41:20 – GMP Community Updates
51:05 – How Mails Work (or don’t)
1:03:50 – Death Warps
1:09:55 – Special Damage
1:15:05 – Knockback
1:22:00 – Safeties
1:29:20 – Shields
1:34:10 – 6 Most Dangerous Enemies
1:49:35 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-up

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ALTTPR League Final Results | Follow fearagent on Twitch


Crosskeys Tourney 2020 Rules

Monster/Attack Stats Guide by Assassin
Sprite Damage Table
Enemy Stats
Light World | Dark World

Moldorm Bounce Tutorial by Osse101

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