49 – Swords. JUST Swords. + MT Week 1, Ladder S2 & Summer Tourneys

49 – Swords. JUST Swords. + MT Week 1, Ladder S2 & Summer Tourneys

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After an unprecedented mix-up in podcast introduction order, timp, Daaanty, & Hurfydurfy cover the beginnings of the 2020 Mentor Tournament, Season 2 Ladder changes, a bunch of community tournament updates, and a couple very thoughtful Fetch Questions. There’s a feature in there too, see? Look. FEATURE: The gang tackles Part 2 of their series on damage with an ultra-focus on one item: SWORDS.

2:50 – Mentor Tournament Underway
13:15 – ALTTPR Ladder Season 2 Changes
30:30 – Version Update Coming Soon?
37:05 – Community Tourney Round-up
41:25 – GMP Community Updates
45:40 – Intro, Damage Classes
50:50 – Sword Techniques
1:12:55 – Sword Levels
1:38:45 – Sword Knockback
1:42:05 – Miscellaneous
1:50:30 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-Up

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