56 – All About Ancilla + League Season 3 Modes & Quickswap Takeover

56 – All About Ancilla + League Season 3 Modes & Quickswap Takeover

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After several episodes about community stuff, it’s time to talk about this dang game again baby! First, timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy have a considerable amount of news to cover, including newly announced ALTTPR League S3 game modes, our new Quickswap-enabled future, some community updates, and a Fetch Question at the end. Tuesday Timp also cuts in with his most robust update yet to mention new glitches, provide some updates, and even announce some life milestones! FEATURE: timp and the crew break down the basics of ancilla in ALTTP, including ways to bend the game’s code in order to produce some glitches in return. WITCHCRAFT!

3:30 – Headliner: ALTTPR League Season 3
14:00 – Quickswap Takes Over
23:25 – tjb’s Hover Practice Rom
29:20 – Spinspeed Hammer Extension
32:45 – GMP Community Updates
40:00 – Giant Tuesday Timp Update
44:25 – What is Ancilla?
52:30 – Lesson 1: Fake Flippers
55:40 – Lesson 2: Splash Deletion
1:00:40 – Lesson 3: Spooky Action
1:06:30 – Lesser and Major Ancilla Glitches
1:13:15 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up

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ALTTPR League Season 3 Rules

tjb’s Hover Practice Romhack

Speedrun Education Guest Spot
Podcast | YouTube

Speedgaming Live ALTTPR Qualifier Details

All About Ancilla
Summary by Euan Crombie
Fake Flipper Explication
Coy’s Splash Delete Video | P-Train’s Spooky Action Video
Somaria Magic Refill
Thank you to Chexhuman for help with research

HGTV’s House Flipper

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