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Keysanity + Mentor Tournament 2021 Registration Open & Lots of Other News

Keysanity + Mentor Tournament 2021 Registration Open & Lots of Other News

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2021 MENTOR TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION: https://tinyurl.com/gmpmt21signups
Rules & Guidelines: https://gomodepodcast.com/mentor-tournament-2021/

Oh my gosh! This episode is really jam-packed. There’s the announcement of the 3rd annual Mentor Tournament, an info-loaded feature, and a metric ton of ALTTPR community news items to cover. And hey, rather than typing every topic up here, I’m going to just direct you to check out the timecodes below instead because I’m low-key worried about my character count here. FEATURE: timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy rundown the popular Keysanity mode while also taking the time to discuss some surprising key logic discovered in the game’s code.

4:20 – 2021 Main Tournament Groups Conclude
11:00 – timp’s 2021 Challenge Cup Experience
15:50 – SpeedGaming’s ALTTPR Fantasy
18:15 – Sprite Artists to be Added to ALTTPR Credits
19:10 – ALTTPR 5 Year Anniversary Race
23:40 – SpeedGaming Espanol ALTTPR Tournament
26:00 – GMP Mentor Tournament Sign-Ups Open
34:25 – An Insane BWS
40:05 – The Basics
51:25 – HC, EP, DP, ToH & AT
1:01:30 – PoD, SP, SW & TT
1:20:20 – IP, MM, TR, & GT
1:39:25 – Wrap-Up

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2021 Main Tournament
Challonge | Schedule
jkoper vs. Julloninja Game 1 | Makinx vs Eykir Game 1 | WaltherIV vs Bonta Game 2

Challonge | Match Schedule
Tylersalt vs timp Game 3

SpeedGaming’s ALTTPR Draft League Sign-ups

Speedgaming Espanol ALTTPR Tourney
Challonge | More info

SapphicStar’s Key Value Chart (2017)

Daaanty Gets a Perfect Score on Personal Reality (25 Wild) in StepManiax

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Category Archives: Bi-Weekly Seed Supporting Document

Spoilers for this seed: https://alttpr.com/en/h/KpMgoVoBMN

Light World
Sahasrahla’s Hut – Left: Twenty Rupees
Sahasrahla’s Hut – Middle: Red Boomerang
Sahasrahla’s Hut – Right: Piece Of Heart
Sahasrahla: Bug Catching Net
King Zora: Ten Arrows
Potion Shop: Pegasus Boots
Zora’s Ledge:1: Three Hundred Rupees
Waterfall Fairy – Left: Boss Heart Container
Waterfall Fairy – Right: Twenty Rupees
Master Sword Pedestal: One Hundred Rupees
King’s Tomb: Cane Of Somaria
Kakariko Tavern: Piece Of Heart
Chicken House: Twenty Rupees
Kakariko Well – Top: Hammer
Kakariko Well – Left: Ten Bombs
Kakariko Well – Middle: Twenty Rupees
Kakariko Well – Right: Piece Of Heart
Kakariko Well – Bottom: Ten Arrows
Blind’s Hideout – Top: Piece Of Heart
Blind’s Hideout – Left: Twenty Rupees
Blind’s Hideout – Right: Progressive Armor
Blind’s Hideout – Far Left: Progressive Sword
Blind’s Hideout – Far Right: Twenty Rupees
Pegasus Rocks: Bottle With Red Potion
Bottle Merchant: Hookshot
Magic Bat: Three Bombs
Sick Kid: Twenty Rupees
Lost Woods Hideout: One Rupee
Lumberjack Tree: Twenty Rupees
Graveyard Ledge: Progressive Bow
Mushroom: Three Bombs
Floodgate Chest: Heart Container
Link’s House: Progressive Bow
Aginah’s Cave: Piece Of Heart
Mini Moldorm Cave – Far Left: Fifty Rupees
Mini Moldorm Cave – Left: Three Hundred Rupees
Mini Moldorm Cave – Right: Ten Arrows
Mini Moldorm Cave – Far Right: Progressive Sword
Ice Rod Cave: Three Bombs
Hobo: Boss Heart Container
Bombos Tablet: Twenty Rupees
Cave 45: Piece Of Heart
Checkerboard Cave: Fifty Rupees
Mini Moldorm Cave – NPC: Twenty Rupees
Library: Ten Arrows
Maze Race: Powder
Desert Ledge: Twenty Rupees
Lake Hylia Island: Bottle With Green Potion
Sunken Treasure: Piece Of Heart
Flute Spot: Twenty Rupees

Hyrule Castle
Sanctuary: KeyH2
Sewers – Secret Room – Left: Twenty Rupees
Sewers – Secret Room – Middle: Five Rupees
Sewers – Secret Room – Right: Twenty Rupees
Sewers – Dark Cross: Progressive Glove
Hyrule Castle – Boomerang Chest: Magic Mirror
Hyrule Castle – Map Chest: Boss Heart Container
Hyrule Castle – Zelda’s Cell: MapH2
Link’s Uncle: Ten Arrows
Secret Passage: Fire Rod

Eastern Palace
Compass Chest: Piece Of Heart
Big Chest: MapP1
Cannonball Chest: CompassP1
Big Key Chest: Progressive Sword
Map Chest: Big KeyP1
Boss: Moon Pearl
Prize: Crystal4

Desert Palace
Big Chest: KeyP2
Map Chest: BigKeyP2
Torch: MapP2
Big Key Chest: CompassP2
Compass Chest: Arrow
Boss: Bombos
Prize: Pendant Of Wisdom

Death Mountain
Old Man: Piece Of Heart
Spectacle Rock Cave: Piece Of Heart
Ether Tablet: Ten Arrows
Spectacle Rock: Three Bombs
Spiral Cave: Progressive Glove
Mimic Cave: Three Bombs
Paradox Cave Lower – Far Left: Twenty Rupees
Paradox Cave Lower – Left: Ether
Paradox Cave Lower – Right: Ten Arrows
Paradox Cave Lower – Far Right: Three Hundred Rupees
Paradox Cave Lower – Middle: Twenty Rupees
Paradox Cave Upper – Left: Three Bombs
Paradox Cave Upper – Right: Ten Arrows
Floating Island: Piece Of Heart

Tower Of Hera
Big Key Chest: CompassP3
Basement Cage: Big KeyP3
Map Chest: Book Of Mudora
Compass Chest: Three Bombs
Big Chest: MapP3
Boss: KeyP3
Prize Pendant Of Courage

Castle Tower
Room 03: KeyA1
Dark Maze: KeyA1

Dark World
Superbunny Cave – Top: Three Bombs
Superbunny Cave – Bottom: Ten Arrows
Hookshot Cave – Top Right: Twenty Rupees
Hookshot Cave – Top Left: Three Bombs
Hookshot Cave – Bottom Left: Shovel
Hookshot Cave – Bottom Right: Piece Of Heart
Spike Cave: Boss Heart Container
Catfish: Ice Rod
Pyramid: Progressive Sword
Pyramid Fairy – Left: Three Bombs
Pyramid Fairy – Right: Mushroom
Brewery: Ten Arrows
C-Shaped House: Fifty Rupees
Chest Game: Piece Of Heart
Hammer Pegs: Three Bombs
Bumper Cave: Piece Of Heart
Blacksmith: Ten Arrows
Purple Chest: Three Hundred Rupees
Hype Cave – Top: Piece Of Heart
Hype Cave – Middle Right: Progressive Armor
Hype Cave – Middle Left: Twenty Rupees
Hype Cave – Bottom: Boss Heart Container
Stumpy: Twenty Rupees
Hype Cave – NPC: Three Hundred Rupees
Digging Game: Progressive Shield
Mire Shed – Left: Twenty Rupees
Mire Shed – Right: Piece Of Heart

Dark Palace
Shooter Room: KeyD1
Big Key Chest: KeyD1
The Arena – Ledge: Boss Heart Container
The Arena – Bridge: KeyD1
Stalfos Basement: KeyD1
Map Chest: Big KeyD1
Big Chest: CompassD1
Compass Chest: Quake
Harmless Hellway: Lamp
Dark Basement – Left: KeyD1
Dark Basement – Right: KeyD1
Dark Maze – Top: MapD1
Dark Maze – Bottom: Three Bombs
Boss: Progressive Shield
Prize: Pendant Of Power

Swamp Palace
Entrance: KeyD2
Big Chest: CompassD2
Big Key Chest: MapD2
Map Chest: Ocarina Inactive
West Chest: Twenty Rupees
Compass Chest: Bottle With Bee
Flooded Room – Left: Big KeyD2
Flooded Room – Right: Twenty Rupees
Waterfall Room: Twenty Rupees
Boss: Piece Of Heart
Prize: Crystal5

Skull Woods
Big Chest: KeyD3
Big Key Chest: KeyD3
Compass Chest: MapD3
Map Chest: Flippers
Bridge Room: CompassD3
Pot Prison: KeyD3
Pinball Room: BigKeyD3
Boss: Piece Of Heart
Prize: Crystal7

Thieves’ Town
Attic: Twenty Rupees
Big Key Chest: MapD4
Map Chest: Piece Of Heart
Compass Chest: Big KeyD4
Ambush Chest: Fifty Rupees
Big Chest: KeyD4
Blind’s Cell: CompassD4
Boss: Twenty Rupees
Prize: Crystal6

Ice Palace
Big Key Chest: Piece Of Heart
Compass Chest: KeyD5
Map Chest: Big KeyD5
Spike Room: MapD5
Freezor Chest: Half Magic
Iced T Room: KeyD5
Big Chest: CompassD5
Boss: Five Rupees
Prize: Crystal2

Misery Mire
Big Chest: Bottle With Green Potion
Main Lobby: CompassD6
Big Key Chest: KeyD6
Compass Chest: Big KeyD6
Bridge Chest: KeyD6
Map Chest: MapD6
Spike Chest: KeyD6
Boss: Boss Heart Container
Prize: Crystal1

Turtle Rock
Chain Chomps: MapD7
Compass Chest: Big KeyD7
Roller Room – Left: KeyD7
Roller Room – Right: KeyD7
Big Chest: KeyD7
Big Key Chest: Five Rupees
Crystaroller Room: Boss Heart Container
Eye Bridge – Bottom Left: Boomerang
Eye Bridge – Bottom Right: Five Rupees
Eye Bridge – Top Left: Piece Of Heart
Eye Bridge – Top Right: KeyD7
Boss: CompassD7
Prize: Crystal3

Ganons Tower
Bob’s Torch: Piece Of Heart
DMs Room – Top Left: Fifty Rupees
DMs Room – Top Right: Twenty Rupees
DMs Room – Bottom Left: KeyA2
DMs Room – Bottom Right: Big KeyA2
Randomizer Room – Top Left: Ten Arrows
Randomizer Room – Top Right: Three Bombs
Randomizer Room – Bottom Left: Twenty Rupees
Randomizer Room – Bottom Right: Boss Heart Container
Firesnake Room: Fifty Rupees
Map Chest: MapA2
Big Chest: Three Bombs
Hope Room – Left: Piece Of Heart
Hope Room – Right: KeyA2
Bob’s Chest: Progressive Shield
Tile Room: KeyA2
Compass Room – Top Left: Twenty Rupees
Compass Room – Top Right: Three Bombs
Compass Room – Bottom Left: One Rupee
Compass Room – Bottom Right: Fifty Rupees
Big Key Chest: Cape
Big Key Room – Left: KeyA2
Big Key Room – Right: CompassA2
Mini Helmasaur Room – Left: Three Bombs
Mini Helmasaur Room – Right: Piece Of Heart
Pre-Moldorm Chest: Cane Of Byrna
Moldorm Chest: Boss Heart Container

Turtle Rock Medallion: Quake
Misery Mire Medallion: Bombos
Waterfall Bottle: Bottle With Green Potion
Pyramid Bottle: Bottle With Fairy