Community Tech w/ Synack + Advent CalenDoor, v31.0.7 & OWG MT Groups

Community Tech w/ Synack + Advent CalenDoor, v31.0.7 & OWG MT Groups

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timp. Daaanty. Hurfydurfy. …Synack?! That’s right! ALTTPR “Superadmin” Synack joins the GMP Crew for the entire episode this time! In Episode 62, these four discuss the new Advent CalenDoor Festive, the League, the new v31.0.7 hotfix, and the standard GMP Community Update fare consisting of the Overworld Glitches Mentor Tournament and some Bi-weekly Seed talk. And despite being down a Hurf at the end, they finish strong with lots of sub-submitted questions for Synack. FEATURE: The boys offer up the stage to Synack to discuss Community Tech, including SahahrahBot, Mystery Seed generation, and other ways that technical integrations make ALTTPR so easy to play and race.

1:50 – Advent CalenDoor Pt. 1
13:15 – League S3 Regular Season Ending
22:25 – v31.0.7 Hotfix
35:05 – New NMG Tournament
38:05 – GMP Community Updates
44:25 – Meet Synack
50:00 – What is Community Tech?
52:25 – A History of Seed Rolling Bots
1:07:10 – How a Seed is Generated
1:12:55 – SahasrahBot
1:19:55 – .yaml and you
1:24:35 – Generating Spoiler Races
1:29:55 – SahaBot + Community
1:45:30 – Questions for Synack

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Advent CalenDoor Festive


krelbel’s Sprite Shuffler
krelbel’s MSU Shuffler

2021 NMG Tournament Document

Create your own .yaml mystery weights

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