Explaining ALTTPR to the Uninitiated + Automated Restreams & The Trinexx Incident

Explaining ALTTPR to the Uninitiated + Automated Restreams & The Trinexx Incident

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Q: What’s Go Mode? A: It’s this podcast where three dinguses talk about ALTTPR. Q: What’s ALTTPR? A: Well, uhm… we’re actually not going to answer that question for you today. Sorry! But what we WILL talk about is a plethora of community news, including the SGL 21 Qualifiers, League S4, a new bug, a great Fetch Question about automated restreaming, and some other stuff that I couldn’t comfortably fit into this sentence. FEATURE: timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy explore the challenges associated with trying to describe the appeal of this game and its community to friends, family, and coworkers.

3:30 – SGL 2021 Qualifiers Underway
10:00 – The Trinexx Incident
16:10 – Battle of the Pugs Rescheduled
18:50 – V31.0.10 is live
20:40 – League S4 Begins
22:05 – ZSRMarathon 2021 Submissions Open
23:45 – Pilot Spoiler Done, Crosskeys Almost Done
27:30 – GMP Community Updates
31:05 – Is It Just Me?
35:20 – Attempts
48:20 – Why Share At All?
54:50 – What’s Your Endgame?
1:00:15 – Approaches
1:06:00 – Hurf’s Whole Deal
1:16:10 – Automated Restreaming
1:32:15 – Wrap-up

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SGL Qualifier Scoresheet

Battle of the Pugs – RESCHEDULED! – Daaanty vs Andy CrowdControl Race on https://twitch.tv/speedgaming – October 2nd @ 8pm EDT

ALTTPR League Website

ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2021 Submission Form

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Go Mode Podcast BWS Restream Sign-up Form (aka Grudge Matches)
BWS Restream Schedule

Jawsomesauce’s “What Is ALTTPR?” Video

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