MSU-1 & Link to the Brass w/ dannymusic + SGL 21 Winner matt7898

MSU-1 & Link to the Brass w/ dannymusic + SGL 21 Winner matt7898

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*cue trumpet fanfare* Hear ye, hear ye! On this episode, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy begin by welcoming the newly crowned SGL 21 ALTTPR Tourney Champ matt7898 onto the show for an interview to talk all about his path from Qualifiers to Winner’s Finals. The GMP crew then uses some “2 hours into recording” energy to get through the rest of the news, which includes a League S4 post-season update, news on the upcoming Glitched League, and a quick, respectful nod towards LttP’s 30th anniversary. FEATURE: The hosts welcome composer, arranger, and trombonist dannymusic onto the show to discuss MSU-1, including how to make and use custom packs. Then dannymusic provides an exclusive look into his group The Game Brass’s newest ALTTPR project, the world’s first album written to be an MSU-1 pack: Link to the Brass.

2:50 – SGL Concludes, Interview w/ Winner matt7898
23:50 – SGL 21 Wrap-up
33:15 – ALTTPR League S4 Post-Season Start
36:50 – LttP JP 30th Anniversary
38:05 – GMP Community Updates
41:40 – Meet dannymusic
47:35 – What is MSU-1?
54:10 – Creating a Pack
1:17:30 – Testing a New Pack
1:23:25 – The Sheet
1:30:00 – Using an MSU-1 Pack
1:36:45 – Link to the Brass
1:49:00 – Wrap-up & Shout-outs

LINKS (visit for full urls)

SGL 2021 Final ALTTPR Bracket
Finals match, matt7898 vs. Buane
Follow matt7898 on Twitch

ALTTPR League S4 Brackets

30th Anniversary NMG Community Race

No Logic Coop Infoshare Exhibition Featuring malmo & Krithel
Glitched Co-op League
Info | ALttPR Glitched Co-Op League Signups

Getting Started Guide by Qwertymodo
ALttP Randomizer MSU-1 Packs Sheet

The Game Brass
Website | Link to the Brass | Live Premiere Stream

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