Recording a New Trailer + 10K More Seeds & “Track 15”

Recording a New Trailer + 10K More Seeds & “Track 15”

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It’s not always easy to do two things at once. But sometimes you get lucky and doing two things at once actually makes life easier! For instance, in this episode timp, Daaanty & Hurfydurfy cover ALTTPR League S4’s ongoing playoffs, investigate BigDunka’s latest batch of 10K seeds (x9), answer a great Fetch Question, and even discuss the first recorded usage of spoken word in MSU form, all while enjoying one another’s company and having fun at the same time! Multitasking! FEATURE: The gang uses their regularly scheduled bi-weekly recording time to plan, write, and record a new podcast trailer.

9:15 – ALTTPR League Playoffs
13:40 – New 10K Seed Spoiler Data
23:40 – “Track 15”
29:20 – The Premise
39:05 – What to Include
49:45 – First Attempts
1:28:30 – Penultimate Attempt
1:36:20 – Final Attempt
1:40:30 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up

LINKS (visit for full urls)

ALTTPR League Website

BigDunka’s New 10K Seed Spoilers Data
Skull Woods Addendum (may or may not apply)

New GMP Show Trailer
Full arrangement of “Theme From Go Mode Podcast”, arranged by Tuesday Timp, will be added to both YouTube and Spotify soon!

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