SMZ3 w/ Solski + SGL2021 Brackets & No Logic Co-op Infoshare

SMZ3 w/ Solski + SGL2021 Brackets & No Logic Co-op Infoshare

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Peanut butter and chocolate. Simon and Garfunkel. Half magic and the fire rod. Don’t you just love it when two great tastes taste great together? timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy sure do, but before tasting they have to cover some ALTTPR news. We have a Tuesday night SGL 2021 update, a spooky festive facelift, Ladder’s S10 and a No Logic Co-op Infoshare exhibition coming this weekend. FEATURE: The GMP crew welcomes venurated SMZ3 runner and tourney organizer Solski to discuss the Link to the Past X Super Metroid Combo Randomizer.

3:05 – Intro Fetch Message
5:15 – SGL Live with Future Daaanty
8:50 – Cosmetically Spooky Festive
11:30 – Ladder S10
14:30 – League S4 Regular Season Ends
19:55 – No Logic Co-op Infoshare
SMZ3 w/ Solski
25:45 – Meet Solski
33:00 – SMZ3 Basics
44:00 – A Brief History
50:50 – Modes
59:55 – Getting into it
1:14:10 – The Competitive Scene
1:32:25 – Shoutouts & Wrap-up

LINKS (visit for full urls)

SGL 2021
StepManiaX Exhibition by Daaanty | Super Metroid GT Classic by kekumanshoyu

ALTTPR Ladder Casual Boots Invitational


Wildanaconda69’s Logic Tutorial
Super Metroid/ALttP Combo Randomizer by Andy and Oatsngoats – GDQx2018

Super Metroid Varia Randomizer

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