Zelda 1 Randomizer w/ fcoughlin Part 2 + Three Years of GMP (sans timp)

Zelda 1 Randomizer w/ fcoughlin Part 2 + Three Years of GMP (sans timp)

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Okay. Oh boy. Alright… timp is writing this episode description and he has heard neither the beginning nor the end of this episode. Daaanty and Hurfydurfy held it down, and Daaanty even did some editing on this one! Apparently they talked about our 3 year GMP anniversary (more on that to come), took a look around at community tourneys, and even answered a fetch question at the end. How much smack did they talk about me while I was gone? Let’s find out. FEATURE: fcoughlin returns for Part 2 of his interview with the GMP Crew on Zelda 1 Randomizer and shares tips on getting into the game, as well as some insight into another classic randomized game he’s responsible for: Super Mario Bros. 3 Randomizer.

2:45 – Go Mode 3 Years, but no timp
4:10 – Racing Council Leaders elected
5:10 – Pilot Spoiler, Xkeys, Ladder, & HMG Conclusion
12:55 – Mentor Tourney Almost Over
21:30 – Tricks & Glitches
45:40 – Getting into Z1R
1:02:00 – Making Decisions
1:09:50 – SMB3R
1:24:05 – Randomizers at SGL21
1:32:00 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up

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