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25 – Hints + GMP:MT Bracket Kickoff & SGL 2019 Registration

25 – Hints + GMP:MT Bracket Kickoff & SGL 2019 Registration

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Sorry guys, but it’s just timp and Axeil this t— wait! Did you hear that? It seems that they were able to access Hurfydurfy’s thoughts and comments from the fu-u-u-ture! Lucky that he’s here to help timp and Axeil discuss the first round of the Go Mode Podcast: Mentor Tournament’s brackets, Speed Gaming Live 2019, and even some multiworld thoughts via a Fetch Question. FEATURE: The gang tries to wrap their heads around Hints in aLttPR, including their history, how they get made, and help to avoid some common hint interpretation mistakes.

2:15 – SGDQ 2019 – Ax Weighs In
4:05 – Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament – Brackets Begin
12:45 – Speed Gaming Live 2019 Tickets On Sale
15:50 – CrossKeys Tournament Update
18:45 – Hints in Rando
21:15 – The History of Hints in aLttPR
29:00 – V30 Hints
37:10 – How Hints are Generated
43:20 – Hint Tile Locations
52:05 – General Hint Tips
1:05:05 – Hint Language
1:13:35 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up



Senen vs. Xilo Pryce: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/451513929
Match Schedule (updated daily): https://tinyurl.com/y5m4r4bx
(includes links to past race VoDs and YouTube uploads when applicable)
Discord (for spectating): https://discordapp.com/invite/KHTyEc5
Challonge: https://challonge.com/GMPMT

Speed Gaming Live – Tickets & Event Info: http://speedgaming.org/sglive/
aLttPR CrossKeys Tournament Challonge: https://challonge.com/ALTTPRCrosskeys2019/

aLttPR Version Updates (Alludes to Hint Info): https://alttpr.com/en/updates
Pedestal/Tablet Hints: https://github.com/sporchia/alttp_vt_randomizer/blob/master/app/Location/Pedestal.php
Hint Randomization Process by ChristosOwen: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lzs7AjgIMNrKZYU4hXwdSlFjUhyeWVyZD_na3pHimpY/
Telepathic Hint Tile Locations: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11G2gu8bJkpqZPXh6_PGiPtfEERzxFxqnLRPqA8xNbx4/edit#slide=id.p
Arborelia’s Hints summary: https://arborelia.github.io/alttpr/hints.html
Randomizer Hint Language from the Code: https://github.com/sporchia/alttp_vt_randomizer/blob/master/resources/lang/en/hint.php

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Go Mode is brought to you by timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy, members of the aLttP Randomizer community at large. Every other week, Go Mode will feature two things: Randomizer News, and Randomizer Walkthroughs.

  • News could include updates on new versions of the logic, tournament recaps and predictions, interviews, discussion, debate, and anything else that counts as a “current event” in the aLttP Rando community.
  • Randomizer Walkthroughs may include breakdowns of dungeon logic, tips for defeating bosses, and even more abstract concepts like item gambling or rupee farming.

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