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22 – Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Begins + Main Tourney & V31 Teasers

22 – Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Begins + Main Tourney & V31 Teasers

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Having spent hours writing documents, creating forms, and really admin-ing it up all over the place, timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy choose to dedicate that sacred bi-weekly recording time on, well, even more tournament planning. But at least it’s interesting, and man will it make for a great tournament. The crew also talks Main Tournament and V31 teasers, reads a couple great Fetch Questions, and even tackles a puzzler!
*NOTE: This episode was re-uploaded roughly 12 hours after first being posted to correct an audio panning issue.*

3:25 – aLttPR Main Tournament Update
4:40 – V31 Teaser?
6:20 – More Main Tournament Details
9:50 – CrossKeys Tournament Update
11:10 – The History
12:50 – Timeframe
13:05 – The Final Count
14:00 – Logistics
19:30 – Group Rounds
21:40 – The Fight for 32
23:40 – Skill Matchups
28:50 – Cheating
31:45 – Restreams
35:00 – How to Spectate
39:45 – Turn on VoDs!
41:40 – The Purse
43:30 – Fetch Questions
55:00 – Puzzler
1:00:35 – Wrap-up
1:01:20 – First GMP:MT Match, June 5 2019, 8:30 EDT


Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Rules Write-up: http://gomodepodcast.com/go-mode-podcast-mentor-tournament/
Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Match Schedule (Updated Daily): https://tinyurl.com/y5m4r4bx

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Go Mode is brought to you by timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy, members of the aLttP Randomizer community at large. Every other week, Go Mode will feature two things: Randomizer News, and Randomizer Walkthroughs.

  • News could include updates on new versions of the logic, tournament recaps and predictions, interviews, discussion, debate, and anything else that counts as a “current event” in the aLttP Rando community.
  • Randomizer Walkthroughs may include breakdowns of dungeon logic, tips for defeating bosses, and even more abstract concepts like item gambling or rupee farming.

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