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SGL Onsite, No Logic Tourney, Progressive Rods, P.U.G.S. & Community Status

SGL Onsite, No Logic Tourney, Progressive Rods, P.U.G.S. & Community Status

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Anime Eyes Giraffe!
Your energy surges like a lion’s strength
Woah! (woah!)
You fly with the spirit of a thousand suns, oh
Call upon your Gundam friend
Friendship power will win the day! (win the day!)
It’s Anime Eyes Giraffe, woah woah,
Anime Eyes Giraffe! Yeah!
Anime Eyes Giraffe! (x2)
– Season 1 Theme from ‘Anime Eyes Giraffe’

2:35 – SpeedGaming Live On-Site Tourney
11:55 – SGL Online Spoiler Tourney
19:20 – No Logic Tournament
26:50 – League S5 Division Reveal Stream
31:35 – P.U.G.S.
37:40 – Tourney Roundup
42:10 – Corrections, MT & Otherwise
45:00 – BWSes
48:40 – Discussion: Rando Community Status
1:00:05 – Shoutouts & Wrap-up

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SpeedGaming Live 2022
On-site ALTTPR Tourney Details
SGL Online Spoiler Tourney
Bracket | Schedule

No Logic Tournament Challonge

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Congratulations to DDRKirby(ISQ), Winner of the Gold Sword Bracket of the 2022 Mentor Tournament!

Also a huge congrats and thank you to MT22 MVP Mentor JohnSnuu!

Final Brackets:  | | |

See you next year! – Admin

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