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Is Manual Tracking Still Needed for Restreams? + Finals: League & Cabookey

Is Manual Tracking Still Needed for Restreams? + Finals: League & Cabookey

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It is my great pleasure to present to you an episode that clocks in at a brisk 48.5 minutes; our snappiest regular episode yet. Turns out we ARE capable of some brevity every now and then!

6:05 – The Setup
10:50 – The Question
18:30 – Ladder Invitational Tracking
24:20 – Immediate Action Items
27:30 – League Finals Report
31:20 – Cabookeytational Finals
33:50 – Glitched MT Rounds Out Swiss
36:50 – BWS 117 & 118
40:25 – Shoutouts

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Congratulations to DDRKirby(ISQ), Winner of the Gold Sword Bracket of the 2022 Mentor Tournament!

Also a huge congrats and thank you to MT22 MVP Mentor JohnSnuu!

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See you next year! – Admin

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