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18 – Ganon’s Tower Part 2 and Ganon + SMZ3R & aLttP Rumors

18 – Ganon’s Tower Part 2 and Ganon + SMZ3R & aLttP Rumors

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This is it, friends. We’ve crawled every dungeon, found (almost) every Big Key and collected all of our Go Mode items, so nothing left to do but climb Ganon’s Tower, make short work of Agahnim (again), and skewer The Big Pig himself, Ganon. So that’s just what timp, Axeil, and Hurfydurfy do in this episode! But not before timp describes his first experience with SMZ3R and Hurfydurfy brings us a juicy aLttP rumor to mull over. Plus: a Fetch Question!

3:10 – SMZ3R Impressions
5:25 – Super Metroid Remastered: Axeil Edition
10:50 – More SMZ3R
14:00 – aLttP Best Buy Rumor
14:45 – Official Nintendo Rando?
18:00 – Ganon’s Tower Part 2
40:05 – The Gauntlet
1:21:20 – Agahnim 2
1:30:30 – Ganon Prep
1:38:05 – Ganon
2:02:10 – Fetch Questions & Wrap Up


SMZ3R Official Site: https://samus.link
Super Metroid Redesign: Axeil Edition: http://beta.metroidconstruction.com/hack.php?id=205

Link to the Past Best Buy Leak/Rumor: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/03/persona-5-metroid-prime-trilogy-and-a-link-to-the-past-for-switch-listed-by-best-buy

aLttP Boss Damage Table: http://alttp.mymm1.com/dmgtable.php

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