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Overworld Glitches Mentor Tourney w/ malmo + Race Memories & Grudge Matches

Overworld Glitches Mentor Tourney w/ malmo + Race Memories & Grudge Matches

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timp here. My wife just had a baby and I spent a lot of precious awake time compiling all of the reference links below so is it okay if I skip writing a description this week? Thank you. ūüôā FEATURE: timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy are pleased to welcome OWG MT admin malmo onto the show to reminisce on past ALTTPR tournaments and discuss the fine art of small tourney administration … plus aliens.

2:30 – League Season 3 Finale
10:50 – German Tournament
14:15 – Goon Tournament
17:50 – GMP Community Updates
19:00 – BWS and Grudge Matches
22:45 – Bi-weekly Seed
25:05 – Overworld Glitches Mentor Tournament
1:11:55 – Subscriber Submissions

LINKS (visit gomodepodcast.com for full urls)

Fourth German Community ALTTPR Tourney Challonge

Overworld Glitches Mentor Tournament Brackets
5-8 Placement Race

Go Mode Podcast BWS Restream Sign-up Form (aka Grudge Matches)
BWS Restream Schedule

Shared Tourney Highlights
ChristosOwen vs Kyong92. Top [8] Game [2] ALTTPR Tournament Spring 2018
Jem vs zelgadissan. Top 32 Game 2 ALTTPR Main Tournament 2019
SGLive2019 ALTTPR Tournament. WeightyWords vs Jem (Finals)
HurfyDurfy vs Veetorp. ALTTP Randomizer Secondary Tournament Fall 2017
Sailor Nep vs Jet082. Playoffs ALTTPR League Season 2
zer0rush vs ALG Andy. Top [16] Game [3] ALTTPR Tournament Spring 2018

Twitch | Super malmo Dark World | Sunrise On Ilion | Mystery Flesh Pit (shoutout)

Hybrid Major Glitches Tournament
ALTTPR Glitched Tournaments Discord

PangaeaPanga on YouTube
timp’s baby

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The Go Mode Podcast
Overworld Glitches
Mentor Tournament
Has Concluded!

Congratulations and GGs to Winner Daaanty (yes that Daaanty)

and thank you to admin malmo for running a great tournament!

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