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Door Randomizer w/ Aerinon + League Division Finals & News Speedround

Door Randomizer w/ Aerinon + League Division Finals & News Speedround

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Remember that scene in The Matrix Reloaded where there’s that super long hallway full of doors and they all go to different places in the world? … What do you mean you haven’t seen The Matrix Reloaded? Ah well, whatever. In this episode, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy start with a League recap as teams battle it out for the gold, then move through a myriad of news topics, including an Advent CalenDoor wrap-up, an AGDQ2021 spotlight, the 4th German tourney, Ladder season 5 and more. FEATURE: Go Mode Podcast welcomes the Door Rando’s developer Aerinon to the show to discuss development, application, and the future of this fun twist on the ALTTPR experience.

2:40 – ALTTPR League Semi-finals
11:50 – Advent CalenDoor Final Thoughts
15:55 – LTTP All Dungeons at AGDQ2021
17:50 – 4th German Community Tournament
20:10 – Ladder Season 5
27:00 – New Minor Glitches Update
29:35 – GMP Community Updates
33:25 – Meet Aerinon
38:30 – What is Door Rando?
46:40 – Modes and Features
59:05 – History
1:07:30 – Developmental Challenges
1:16:05 – Playing Door Rando
1:33:00 – The Future of Door Rando
1:36:50 – Questions & Wrap-up

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Glan shows off an All Dungeons run of LTTP at AGDQ2021

Fourth German Community ALTTPR Tourney Challonge

Old Man with Somaria is Not Faster

Overworld Glitches Mentor Tournament Brackets

Door Randomizer
Main Github | Aerinon’s Public Roadmap | Known Issues Document | Dungeon Entrances Map by codemann8

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MT2020 Completed Challonges

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