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Keysanity + Mentor Tournament 2021 Registration Open & Lots of Other News

Keysanity + Mentor Tournament 2021 Registration Open & Lots of Other News

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2021 MENTOR TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION: https://tinyurl.com/gmpmt21signups
Rules & Guidelines: https://gomodepodcast.com/mentor-tournament-2021/

Oh my gosh! This episode is really jam-packed. There’s the announcement of the 3rd annual Mentor Tournament, an info-loaded feature, and a metric ton of ALTTPR community news items to cover. And hey, rather than typing every topic up here, I’m going to just direct you to check out the timecodes below instead because I’m low-key worried about my character count here. FEATURE: timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy rundown the popular Keysanity mode while also taking the time to discuss some surprising key logic discovered in the game’s code.

4:20 – 2021 Main Tournament Groups Conclude
11:00 – timp’s 2021 Challenge Cup Experience
15:50 – SpeedGaming’s ALTTPR Fantasy
18:15 – Sprite Artists to be Added to ALTTPR Credits
19:10 – ALTTPR 5 Year Anniversary Race
23:40 – SpeedGaming Espanol ALTTPR Tournament
26:00 – GMP Mentor Tournament Sign-Ups Open
34:25 – An Insane BWS
40:05 – The Basics
51:25 – HC, EP, DP, ToH & AT
1:01:30 – PoD, SP, SW & TT
1:20:20 – IP, MM, TR, & GT
1:39:25 – Wrap-Up

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2021 Main Tournament
Challonge | Schedule
jkoper vs. Julloninja Game 1 | Makinx vs Eykir Game 1 | WaltherIV vs Bonta Game 2

Challonge | Match Schedule
Tylersalt vs timp Game 3

SpeedGaming’s ALTTPR Draft League Sign-ups

Speedgaming Espanol ALTTPR Tourney
Challonge | More info

SapphicStar’s Key Value Chart (2017)

Daaanty Gets a Perfect Score on Personal Reality (25 Wild) in StepManiax

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