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31 – The Cheating Episode w/ Acktheboker

31 – The Cheating Episode w/ Acktheboker

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The Cheating Episode. First referenced in Episode 3 and brought up again countless times over the last couple dozen episodes. Well now it’s finally time! timp & Hurfydurfy first welcome Axeil back to the show and proceed to catch up on news, like the V31.0.2 Hotfix and Kohrek’s recent Crosskeys Tourney victory. FEATURE: Go Mode welcomes Racing Council member Acktheboker on to the show to discuss all aspects of cheating in the Randomizer community, from the hypothetical to the all-too-real.

4:05 – V31.0.2 Hotfix
8:50 – GG Kohrek, Crosskeys Tourney Winner!
11:00 – Speed Gaming ALTTP Marathon
15:40 – How’s timp playing?
17:25 – Meet Acktheboker
21:20 – Why do people cheat?
29:35 – How cheaters cheat at Rando: The obvious
38:30 – How cheaters cheat at Rando: The subtle
57:20 – Making a case
1:02:50 – Case studies
1:11:10 – Cheating hypotheticals
1:18:00 – Final Thoughts
1:27:05 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-up

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V31.0.2 Hotfix Changelog
2019 Fall Tournament Outline
Completed Crosskeys Tourney Challonge
Speed Gaming’s ALTTP Marathon VoD

Acktheboker Analyzes Sokski vs. Smoke (language advisory)
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timp vs. TheDaddyGamers, VoDCast of Ep. 30 Bi-Weekly Seed

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