34 – Movement + 2019 Fallifiers, New Spooky Rando & BWS Restreams

34 – Movement + 2019 Fallifiers, New Spooky Rando & BWS Restreams

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With all three co-hosts safely back in their respective countries and states, timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy fall back into Episode Making Mode and Make an Episode of Go Mode! With new 2019 Fallifiers underway, a new Festive Randomizer, and a shoutout for the GMP Bi-Weekly Seed (BWS) Restream Crew, there’s lots to cover. And stick around to the end of the episode to hear a truly special performance by Go Mode’s very own Axeil. FEATURE: The gang moves through a walkthrough on how Movement works in ALTTP.

5:00 – 2019 Fallifiers are Underway
16:00 – Another Spooky Festive Randomizer
23:15 – Go Mode Podcast Bi-Weekly Seed Restream Crew
26:55 – The Basics
30:40 – Pumping
41:55 – The Pegasus Boots
45:40 – Superspeed
54:00 – Swimming
56:40 – Situational Modifiers
1:13:10 – Final Takeaways
1:17:45 – timp.msu, BWS, & Wrap Up
1:21:10 – Axeil Live in Concert

LINKS (visit gomodepodcast.com for full urls)

2019 Fall Tournament Rules
Fallifier Results (updated regularly)
Festive Randomizer

ALTTP Speedrunning Wiki page on Movement
ALTTP Speedrunning Wiki page on Subpixels
Stairpumping vs. Walking Comparison on Death Mountain by UNHchabo
Wallpumping vs. Walking Comparison in Eastern Palace by prdwong
Superspeed Tutorial by superSKUJ

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