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RickiofKokiriThon, Code of Conduct + Multiworld, AVIANART & Enemizer Tourneys

RickiofKokiriThon, Code of Conduct + Multiworld, AVIANART & Enemizer Tourneys

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Whew! There were at least three more topics we wanted to include in the title but there was just too much cool stuff going on for all of it to fit! Be sure to check the timecodes below for a full accounting of all we discussed in this absolutely jam-packed episode.

3:05 – RickiofKokiriThon – This Weekend!
5:10 – TARC’s Code of Conduct
17:15 – Heroes of Time
21:20 – Z3R Multiworld Tournament
27:30 – AVIANART Returns
31:15 – Enemizer Tourney Announced
34:05 – 216 Co-op Crosskeys Tourney
36:05 – League Brackets Check-in
40:20 – XKeys MT: Mentors Needed!
41:40 – Boots Camp is now CROSSFIT
46:25 – BWS Decisions
49:10 – Wrap-up & Shoutouts

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Z3R Multiworld Tournament
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AVIANART 2023-2024
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2024 ALTTPR Enemizer Tournament
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216 Co-op Crosskeys Tournament Discord

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Crosskeys Mentor Tournament
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The 2023 Mentor Tournament Has Concluded!

Congrats to Gold Sword Bracket Winner Bydey & MVP Mentor akuheish!

Final Bracket: 

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