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53 – Mentorship w/ WaltherIV + Blindfolded Rando w/ Qirn & Racing Council Term 3

53 – Mentorship w/ WaltherIV + Blindfolded Rando w/ Qirn & Racing Council Term 3

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FRI, AUG 7th @ 8:30 PM EST on twitch.tv/gomodepodcast: GMPMT Gold Sword Bracket Game 2!
Gold Sword Bracket Game 3 on Sat, Aug 8th @ 8:30 PM EST if needed | View all bracket finals matches on the GMPMT Schedule

In this jam-packed episode of Go Mode, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy cover all sorts of news, including another Summer Tourney Round-up, the unfortunate cancellation of the “Live” part of Speedgaming Live 2020, Racing Council Term 3 changeover, and more. timp is also proud to welcome Qirn back onto the show to discuss becoming the first person to beat an entire ALTTPR seed blindfolded. FEATURE: The GMP hosts welcome SuperMentor WaltherIV onto the show to discuss the fine art of mentorship and the Mentor Tournament from a mentor’s perspective.

2:10 – Tournament Roundup
8:50 – Speedgaming Live moves to Online Only
15:25 – Racing Council Gains New Members
19:05 – Qirn Beats Blindfolded ALTTPR + Interview
38:10 – GMP Community Updates
42:35 – Meet WaltherIV
48:25 – Working with the Mentees
57:45 – GMPMT2020 Mentoring Stats
1:04:30 – Mentoring Techniques
1:15:35 – Walther’s Mentee Class
1:27:25 – On the GMPMT
1:41:05 – Final Advice for Future Mentors
1:43:15 – Fetch Question & Wrap up

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Summer Tourney Roundup
Mentor Tournement | Francophone Tournament | Spoiler Tournament | Crosskeys Tournament | SGLive German Qualifier Tournament

Speedgaming Live 2020 Online Announcement

Racing Council Roster

Qirn’s Blindfolded run: https://www.twitch.tv/collections/3OnHkMkxKBZ80A
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WaltherIV vs. NilssonAlex92 at ESA, Crowd Control race
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