‘24 Rando Resolutions, League Game 3’s, TARC Terms & Gym Injustice

‘24 Rando Resolutions, League Game 3’s, TARC Terms & Gym Injustice

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Don’t let the shorter episode length fool you. They say the brightest star burns the fastest, and the GMP crew is fired up for this one! (except for Hurf, he stays pretty chill. Obviously.)

1:45 – Daaanty’s Gym Dispute
12:45 – League Finals Imminent
16:20 – TARC Admin Terms Defined
27:35 – Rando Resolutions for 2024
39:50 – Heroes of Time Season 1
41:15 – XKeys MT Check-in + BWS
43:20 – Wrap-up & Shoutouts

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Standings: Invitational | Open
Schedule of Upcoming Races (don’t miss finals!): Invitational | Open
Game 3’s
Inv: Your Mom’s Favorite Rando Team (Shareen) vs Don’t Forget to Track Us (eykir)
Inv: Beats from the East (Julloninja, Mooglecharm) vs To Infinity and Pgog (humbugh, relkin) (+ Part 2)
Inv: Potatoepouch (Brogor, tam) vs WASHED (Acktheboker, Jem)
Open: Underachievers (GFE, sab0tender) vs Ed Was Supposed to Carry Us (norskmatty, miendiem)

TARC Admin Announcement

Heroes of Time
Discord | Rules and Expectations | Practice Asyncs

Crosskeys Mentor Tournament
Mentor & Volunteer Registration Form | Rules | Pairings/Scoreboard

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