Episode 31 Bi-Weekly Seed Spoilers

Spoilers for this seed: https://alttpr.com/en/h/KpMgoVoBMN

Light World
Sahasrahla’s Hut – Left: Twenty Rupees
Sahasrahla’s Hut – Middle: Red Boomerang
Sahasrahla’s Hut – Right: Piece Of Heart
Sahasrahla: Bug Catching Net
King Zora: Ten Arrows
Potion Shop: Pegasus Boots
Zora’s Ledge:1: Three Hundred Rupees
Waterfall Fairy – Left: Boss Heart Container
Waterfall Fairy – Right: Twenty Rupees
Master Sword Pedestal: One Hundred Rupees
King’s Tomb: Cane Of Somaria
Kakariko Tavern: Piece Of Heart
Chicken House: Twenty Rupees
Kakariko Well – Top: Hammer
Kakariko Well – Left: Ten Bombs
Kakariko Well – Middle: Twenty Rupees
Kakariko Well – Right: Piece Of Heart
Kakariko Well – Bottom: Ten Arrows
Blind’s Hideout – Top: Piece Of Heart
Blind’s Hideout – Left: Twenty Rupees
Blind’s Hideout – Right: Progressive Armor
Blind’s Hideout – Far Left: Progressive Sword
Blind’s Hideout – Far Right: Twenty Rupees
Pegasus Rocks: Bottle With Red Potion
Bottle Merchant: Hookshot
Magic Bat: Three Bombs
Sick Kid: Twenty Rupees
Lost Woods Hideout: One Rupee
Lumberjack Tree: Twenty Rupees
Graveyard Ledge: Progressive Bow
Mushroom: Three Bombs
Floodgate Chest: Heart Container
Link’s House: Progressive Bow
Aginah’s Cave: Piece Of Heart
Mini Moldorm Cave – Far Left: Fifty Rupees
Mini Moldorm Cave – Left: Three Hundred Rupees
Mini Moldorm Cave – Right: Ten Arrows
Mini Moldorm Cave – Far Right: Progressive Sword
Ice Rod Cave: Three Bombs
Hobo: Boss Heart Container
Bombos Tablet: Twenty Rupees
Cave 45: Piece Of Heart
Checkerboard Cave: Fifty Rupees
Mini Moldorm Cave – NPC: Twenty Rupees
Library: Ten Arrows
Maze Race: Powder
Desert Ledge: Twenty Rupees
Lake Hylia Island: Bottle With Green Potion
Sunken Treasure: Piece Of Heart
Flute Spot: Twenty Rupees

Hyrule Castle
Sanctuary: KeyH2
Sewers – Secret Room – Left: Twenty Rupees
Sewers – Secret Room – Middle: Five Rupees
Sewers – Secret Room – Right: Twenty Rupees
Sewers – Dark Cross: Progressive Glove
Hyrule Castle – Boomerang Chest: Magic Mirror
Hyrule Castle – Map Chest: Boss Heart Container
Hyrule Castle – Zelda’s Cell: MapH2
Link’s Uncle: Ten Arrows
Secret Passage: Fire Rod

Eastern Palace
Compass Chest: Piece Of Heart
Big Chest: MapP1
Cannonball Chest: CompassP1
Big Key Chest: Progressive Sword
Map Chest: Big KeyP1
Boss: Moon Pearl
Prize: Crystal4

Desert Palace
Big Chest: KeyP2
Map Chest: BigKeyP2
Torch: MapP2
Big Key Chest: CompassP2
Compass Chest: Arrow
Boss: Bombos
Prize: Pendant Of Wisdom

Death Mountain
Old Man: Piece Of Heart
Spectacle Rock Cave: Piece Of Heart
Ether Tablet: Ten Arrows
Spectacle Rock: Three Bombs
Spiral Cave: Progressive Glove
Mimic Cave: Three Bombs
Paradox Cave Lower – Far Left: Twenty Rupees
Paradox Cave Lower – Left: Ether
Paradox Cave Lower – Right: Ten Arrows
Paradox Cave Lower – Far Right: Three Hundred Rupees
Paradox Cave Lower – Middle: Twenty Rupees
Paradox Cave Upper – Left: Three Bombs
Paradox Cave Upper – Right: Ten Arrows
Floating Island: Piece Of Heart

Tower Of Hera
Big Key Chest: CompassP3
Basement Cage: Big KeyP3
Map Chest: Book Of Mudora
Compass Chest: Three Bombs
Big Chest: MapP3
Boss: KeyP3
Prize Pendant Of Courage

Castle Tower
Room 03: KeyA1
Dark Maze: KeyA1

Dark World
Superbunny Cave – Top: Three Bombs
Superbunny Cave – Bottom: Ten Arrows
Hookshot Cave – Top Right: Twenty Rupees
Hookshot Cave – Top Left: Three Bombs
Hookshot Cave – Bottom Left: Shovel
Hookshot Cave – Bottom Right: Piece Of Heart
Spike Cave: Boss Heart Container
Catfish: Ice Rod
Pyramid: Progressive Sword
Pyramid Fairy – Left: Three Bombs
Pyramid Fairy – Right: Mushroom
Brewery: Ten Arrows
C-Shaped House: Fifty Rupees
Chest Game: Piece Of Heart
Hammer Pegs: Three Bombs
Bumper Cave: Piece Of Heart
Blacksmith: Ten Arrows
Purple Chest: Three Hundred Rupees
Hype Cave – Top: Piece Of Heart
Hype Cave – Middle Right: Progressive Armor
Hype Cave – Middle Left: Twenty Rupees
Hype Cave – Bottom: Boss Heart Container
Stumpy: Twenty Rupees
Hype Cave – NPC: Three Hundred Rupees
Digging Game: Progressive Shield
Mire Shed – Left: Twenty Rupees
Mire Shed – Right: Piece Of Heart

Dark Palace
Shooter Room: KeyD1
Big Key Chest: KeyD1
The Arena – Ledge: Boss Heart Container
The Arena – Bridge: KeyD1
Stalfos Basement: KeyD1
Map Chest: Big KeyD1
Big Chest: CompassD1
Compass Chest: Quake
Harmless Hellway: Lamp
Dark Basement – Left: KeyD1
Dark Basement – Right: KeyD1
Dark Maze – Top: MapD1
Dark Maze – Bottom: Three Bombs
Boss: Progressive Shield
Prize: Pendant Of Power

Swamp Palace
Entrance: KeyD2
Big Chest: CompassD2
Big Key Chest: MapD2
Map Chest: Ocarina Inactive
West Chest: Twenty Rupees
Compass Chest: Bottle With Bee
Flooded Room – Left: Big KeyD2
Flooded Room – Right: Twenty Rupees
Waterfall Room: Twenty Rupees
Boss: Piece Of Heart
Prize: Crystal5

Skull Woods
Big Chest: KeyD3
Big Key Chest: KeyD3
Compass Chest: MapD3
Map Chest: Flippers
Bridge Room: CompassD3
Pot Prison: KeyD3
Pinball Room: BigKeyD3
Boss: Piece Of Heart
Prize: Crystal7

Thieves’ Town
Attic: Twenty Rupees
Big Key Chest: MapD4
Map Chest: Piece Of Heart
Compass Chest: Big KeyD4
Ambush Chest: Fifty Rupees
Big Chest: KeyD4
Blind’s Cell: CompassD4
Boss: Twenty Rupees
Prize: Crystal6

Ice Palace
Big Key Chest: Piece Of Heart
Compass Chest: KeyD5
Map Chest: Big KeyD5
Spike Room: MapD5
Freezor Chest: Half Magic
Iced T Room: KeyD5
Big Chest: CompassD5
Boss: Five Rupees
Prize: Crystal2

Misery Mire
Big Chest: Bottle With Green Potion
Main Lobby: CompassD6
Big Key Chest: KeyD6
Compass Chest: Big KeyD6
Bridge Chest: KeyD6
Map Chest: MapD6
Spike Chest: KeyD6
Boss: Boss Heart Container
Prize: Crystal1

Turtle Rock
Chain Chomps: MapD7
Compass Chest: Big KeyD7
Roller Room – Left: KeyD7
Roller Room – Right: KeyD7
Big Chest: KeyD7
Big Key Chest: Five Rupees
Crystaroller Room: Boss Heart Container
Eye Bridge – Bottom Left: Boomerang
Eye Bridge – Bottom Right: Five Rupees
Eye Bridge – Top Left: Piece Of Heart
Eye Bridge – Top Right: KeyD7
Boss: CompassD7
Prize: Crystal3

Ganons Tower
Bob’s Torch: Piece Of Heart
DMs Room – Top Left: Fifty Rupees
DMs Room – Top Right: Twenty Rupees
DMs Room – Bottom Left: KeyA2
DMs Room – Bottom Right: Big KeyA2
Randomizer Room – Top Left: Ten Arrows
Randomizer Room – Top Right: Three Bombs
Randomizer Room – Bottom Left: Twenty Rupees
Randomizer Room – Bottom Right: Boss Heart Container
Firesnake Room: Fifty Rupees
Map Chest: MapA2
Big Chest: Three Bombs
Hope Room – Left: Piece Of Heart
Hope Room – Right: KeyA2
Bob’s Chest: Progressive Shield
Tile Room: KeyA2
Compass Room – Top Left: Twenty Rupees
Compass Room – Top Right: Three Bombs
Compass Room – Bottom Left: One Rupee
Compass Room – Bottom Right: Fifty Rupees
Big Key Chest: Cape
Big Key Room – Left: KeyA2
Big Key Room – Right: CompassA2
Mini Helmasaur Room – Left: Three Bombs
Mini Helmasaur Room – Right: Piece Of Heart
Pre-Moldorm Chest: Cane Of Byrna
Moldorm Chest: Boss Heart Container

Turtle Rock Medallion: Quake
Misery Mire Medallion: Bombos
Waterfall Bottle: Bottle With Green Potion
Pyramid Bottle: Bottle With Fairy