2023 Tournaments Mid-Season Breakdown w/ adirondackrick (Daaantyless)

2023 Tournaments Mid-Season Breakdown w/ adirondackrick (Daaantyless)

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timp and Hurfydurfy welcome GMP Friend adirondackrick onto the show for extensive recaps of the three major tournaments currently in progress: Main, Challenge Cup, and AD Keys. Check below for a record-breaking amount of “link in the description” appearances!

0:45 – Welcome Back, adirondackrick
3:35 – Main Tourney Highlights
14:25 – Challenge Cup Highlights
24:10 – AD Keys Racer Perspective
28:25 – Sixième Tournoi Francophone Annoncé
30:05 – Ladder S19 Brings New Modes
39:25 – Mentor Tournament Starts Next Week
42:20 – Bi-weekly Seeds
44:20 – Spooky Action Fetch Question
50:55 – Shout-outs & Wrap-Up

LINKS (visit gomodepodcast.com for full URLs)

2023 Main Tournament
Brackets | Match Schedule

Match Highlights So Far
ninjembro vs BigDunka Round 1 Game 2
zelgadissan vs Flipheal Round 1 Game 3
Spleebie vs Jet082 Round 1 Game 3
Hydrapower vs Magnit Handz Round 1 Game 3
HayfieldBay vs Alaszun Group Stage
Orange vs Skele Round 1 Game 3

Upcoming Matches to Watch
Dr Bowser vs rdwalshv Round 2 Game 3: Tonight at 7:10 PM EDT on twitch.tv/speedgaming2
Orange vs TwoC: Saturday, June 10 at 2:10 AM EDT (Channel TBD)
Tam vs RadicalSniper99 Round 2 Game 2: Tonight at 6:10 PM EDT on twitch.tv/speedgaming3

2023 Challenge Cup
Challonge | Upcoming Match Schedule
Match Highlight: Group X 4-2 Tiebreaker

6th Francophone Tournament
Rules | Community Discord

2023 Mentor Tournament
Rules | Registration (Still open for Mentors & Crew)
Mentor VOD Reviews – One every day this week at twitch.tv/gomodepodcast

Daaanty in the SMX Salad Bowl Tournament: Bracket Link | Clips 1 | 2
Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer
Zelda 1 Randomizer Tournament: adirondackrick vs MagicFriends (Rematch)
Reality on Max

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