41 – Water Physics & Glitches w/ Qirn + League Expansion & Diver Down

41 – Water Physics & Glitches w/ Qirn + League Expansion & Diver Down

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[Splash noise] Hope you brought your swimwear to this one, because this is now officially the SPLASH ZONE! In the SPLASH ZONE, timp, Daaanty, & Hurfydurfy begin with their final Main Tournament update, touch on the Challenge Cup, discuss recent events regarding ALTTPR League’s recent expansion, talk racing council for a bit, and introduce a new segment: GMP Community Updates. They close out by reading some particularly thought-provoking Fetch Questions. FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew (finally!) welcomes Qirn onto the program to really just dive into water physics and glitches in ALTTPR.

2:25 – Final Tournament Updates
7:20 – ALTTPR League Expansion
18:55 – ALTTPR Fantasy League
21:20 – Ice Breaker & Racing Council
25:45 – GMP Community News (+ Bi-Weekly Seeds)
32:50 – Meet Qirn
38:30 – Water Physics & Swimming
49:00 – Warp Whirlpools
54:35 – Fake Flipper
1:03:35 – Water Walk
1:13:00 – Splash Deletion
1:21:40 – Diver Down
1:34:55 – Fetch Questions
1:54:15 – Wrap-up

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