52 – Dark Rooms + MT2020 Brackets & Summer Tourney Updates

52 – Dark Rooms + MT2020 Brackets & Summer Tourney Updates

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Ready to be enlightened? Follow timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy, they will illuminate the path ahead! But first they gotta do their chores, which means discussing the Mentor Tournament’s early bracket stages, highlighting several upcoming fun ALTTPR-related events, and checking in on all the ongoing Summer tourneys. Use your special eyes to check the events and links below for the full list! FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew feels their way around the many dark rooms encountered within ALTTPR and provides tips on conquering them all.

2:45 – Mentor Tournament Brackets Underway
7:10 – Summer Tourney Check-ins
17:00 – EGA Crowd Control Race
20:05 – Qirn’s Blindfolded Run
21:45 – GMP Community Updates
26:40 – What…ARE Dark Rooms??
37:20 – Tracking Your Position
45:40 – Sound Cues & the Fire Rod
53:30 – Killing Enemies & Moving Around
1:04:00 – Light World Dark Room Tips
1:19:55 – Dark World Dark Room Tips
1:38:25 – AGA 1
1:44:10 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-up

LINKS (visit gomodepodcast.com for full urls)

Upcoming Events
Sat, July 25, 1:10 PM EST: Francophone Finals on SpeedGamingFrançais (English Simulcast Confirmed on SpeedGaming)
Sat & Sun, July 25-26, 1:00 PM EST: Qirn’s Blindfolded ALTTPR Seed Attempt at https://twitch.tv/qirn
Sat, Aug. 1, ~3:22 PM EST: ESA Crowd Control Race, NilssonAlex92 vs. WaltherIV during ESA Summer Online

Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament
Schedule | Challonge

Summer Tourney Roundup
Spoiler Tournament | Francophone Tournament | Crosskeys Tournament | SGES ALTTPR | SGLive German Qualifier Tournament

Giraffes using their necks to fight

Dark Rooms
ALTTPR Dark Room Maps by SakuraTsubasa
PoD Dark Maze Diagonal Guide
Misery Mire Basement Dark Room 1 Strat by Shareen

Daaanty Eats a Spicy Chip

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