55 – MT2020 Wrap up w/ Winner Floyd44 + Main Tourney and League Switcheroo

55 – MT2020 Wrap up w/ Winner Floyd44 + Main Tourney and League Switcheroo

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There’s a lot to cover in this episode so let’s get right to it! timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy start off discussing the Main Tournament’s delay to 2021 and the ALTTPR League Season 3 that will take its place (and don’t forget Speedgaming Live 2020!). The racing council and those plucky community tourneys are both at it again so the crew is sure to address them in detail. And Tuesday Timp breaks in to give us a peek into some of the topics of Ep. 56. We also have some good Fetch Questions in this one! FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew is proud to welcome Mentor Tournament 2020 champion Floyd44 to the show to discuss the tournament overall, read feedback, and plan for the next one.

1:25 – Main Tourney & League S3 Swap
13:35 – Community Tourney Roundup
17:00 – Racing Council Votes on Tech
22:05 – Logikz creates a Predictive Tracker
26:10 – Quickswap Takes Over
27:45 – GMP Community Updates
32:25 – Bracket Medal Ceremony
33:35 – Hanging with Floyd44
55:00 – Stats
1:00:20 – Most Improved: Carlson32
1:04:30 – Feedback
1:19:05 – MT2021
1:22:35 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-up

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Speedgaming Live 2020 Info

Logikz’s Predictive Tracker on Github

MT2020 Admin 4-Way Blackout Bingo Race on YouTube

Mentor Tournament 2020
Challonges: Groups | Gold Sword | Tempered Sword | Master Sword | Fighter Sword

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