Getting Into Competitive Rando + The Tourney Tornado & “FMK”

Getting Into Competitive Rando + The Tourney Tornado & “FMK”

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You know what? The hosts completely failed to mention the milestone of reaching 75 episodes during this show, so I’m going to do it right here and now in the episode description. Happy 75th everyone! Okay, celebration over. In this ep, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy deal with The Tourney Tornado, which warps them all over the place: Main Tournament to the Challenge Cup, NMG tourney to three new tournies on the horizon, and of course the Mentor Tournament. And be sure to stick around to the end for a special ALTTPR edition of “F***, Marry, Kill”. FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew discusses a few unspoken factors related to racing ALTTPR, including set-up, sportsmanship, and dealing with performance anxiety.

5:45 – Main Tournament
11:20 – Challenge Cup
15:45 – Eriror Wins 1st NMG Tourney
16:55 – Pilot Spoiler Tourney Announced
25:25 – HMG Tourney Registration Open
28:50 – SGL 2021 Online
33:05 – Mentor Tourney Update
37:25 – Bi-Weekly Seed
Getting Into Competitive Rando
41:00 – Intro & Start
55:30 – Good Sportsmanship
1:06:55 – Required & Helpful Programs
1:11:40 – Dealing with Anxiety
1:28:40 – Wrap-up (FMK)

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