ALTTPR Racing Council

Accurate as of December 5, 2022

To notify us of a change to the ALTTPR Racing Council, use our contact form or join the Go Mode Podcast Discord and leave a note in the #feedback channel. – timp

ALTTPR Racing Council Liaison: Synack

A ‘*’ denotes Council Leader status for that term

Current Members

Member Term 7
Term 6 Term 5 Term 4 Term 3 Term 2 Term 1
Amarith X* X* X* X* X
Daaanty X* X* X* X* X* X*
matt7898 X* X X X
Buane X X* X
dazedcloud X X
Eriror X X X X X X* X*
humbugh X
krelbel X X X
Matkap X X
P-Train X X* X* X*
relkin X X X
Sailor Nep X X X
Shareen X X X X X
SirLinkalot X X X X X
Teto X X X
vortexofdoom X X X X
WillardJBradley X X X

Former Members

Acktheboker / X
BigDunka X
cassidymoen X
cheamo X X* X X
Chexhuman X X
dataplet X X X
fearagent X X
Jem X X X X X
Jet082 X X X X
Kohrek X X*
Linlinlin X X X
Megawott X X
Msmetroid X
Ninban X X X
PFlan X
(formerly mentosman8)
PhantomRyu X
Rywek X
ScaryOlive X* X
Solski X
SuperNinTaylor X
Thalane X
Tojso X X
Tso15 X X
Trinexx X X
WeightyWords X
WaltherIV X
zelgadissan  X X

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