Source: .txt file from AmazingAmpharos’s Entrance Randomizer Github listed in a post in the #Resources channel of the 2019 aLttPR CrossKeys Tournament Discord. Text has been reformatted slightly for readability. Text reads as follows:

Hint description

Hints will appear in the following ratios across the 15 telepathic tiles that have hints and the five storyteller locations:

  • 4 hints for inconvenient entrances.
  • 4 hints for random entrances (this can by coincidence pick inconvenient entrances that aren’t used for the first set of hints).
  • 3 hints for inconvenient item locations.
  • 5 hints for valuable items.
  • 4 junk hints.

These hints will use the following format:

Entrance hints go “[Entrance on overworld] leads to [interior]”.

Inconvenient item locations are a little more custom but amount to “[Location] has [item name]”. The item name is literal and will specify which dungeon the dungeon specific items hail from (small key/big key/map/compass).

The valuable items are of the format “[item name] can be found [location]”. The item name is again literal, and the location text is taken from Ganon’s silver arrow hints. Note that the way it works is that every unique valuable item that exists is considered independently, and you won’t get multiple hints for the EXACT same item (so you can only get one hint for Progressive Sword no matter how many swords exist in the seed, but if swords are not progressive, you could get hints for both Master Sword and Tempered Sword). More copies of an item existing does not increase the probability of getting a hint for that particular item (you are equally likely to get a hint for a Progressive Sword as for the Hammer). Unlike the IR, item names are never obfuscated by “something unique”, and there is no special bias for hints for GT Big Key or Pegasus Boots.

Hint Locations:

Eastern Palace room before Big Chest
Desert Palace bonk torch room
Tower of Hera entrance room
Tower of Hera Big Chest room
Castle Tower after dark rooms
Palace of Darkness before Bow section
Swamp Palace entryway
Thieves’ Town upstairs
Ice Palace entrance
Ice Palace after first drop
Ice Palace tall ice floor room
Misery Mire cutscene room
Turtle Rock entrance
Spectacle Rock cave
Spiky Hint cave
PoD Bdlg NPC
Near PoD Storyteller (bug near bomb wall)
Dark Sanctuary Storyteller (long room with tables)
Near Mire Storyteller (feather duster in winding cave)
SE DW Storyteller (owl in winding cave)

Inconvenient entrance list:

Skull Woods Final
Ice Palace
Misery Mire
Turtle Rock
Ganon’s Tower
Mimic Ledge
SW DM Foothills Cave (mirror from upper Bumper ledge)
Hammer Pegs (near purple chest)
Super Bomb cracked wall

Inconvenient location list:

Swamp left (two chests)
Mire left (two chests)
Hera basement
Eastern Palace Big Key chest (protected by anti-fairies)
Thieves’ Town Big Chest
Ice Palace Big Chest
Ganon’s Tower Big Chest
Purple Chest
Spike Cave
Magic Bat
Sahasrahla (Green Pendant)

Valuable Items are simply all items that are shown on the pause subscreen (Y, B, or A sections) minus Silver Arrows and plus Triforce Pieces, Magic Upgrades (1/2 or 1/4), and the Single Arrow. If keysanity is being used, you can additionally get hints for Small Keys or Big Keys but not hints for Maps or Compasses.

While the exact verbage of location names and item names can be found in the source code, here’s a copy for reference

Overworld Entrance naming:

Turtle Rock Turtle Rock Main
Misery Mire Misery Mire
Ice Palace Ice Palace
Skull Woods Final Section The back of Skull Woods
Death Mountain Return Cave (West) The SW DM Foothills Cave
Mimic Cave Mimic Ledge
Dark World Hammer Peg Cave The rows of pegs
Pyramid Fairy The crack on the pyramid
Eastern Palace Eastern Palace
Elder House (East) Elder House
Elder House (West) Elder House
Two Brothers House (East) Eastern Quarreling Brothers’ house
Old Man Cave (West) The lower DM entrance
Hyrule Castle Entrance (South) The ground level castle door
Thieves Town Thieves’ Town
Bumper Cave (Bottom) The lower Bumper Cave
Swamp Palace Swamp Palace
Dark Death Mountain Ledge (West) The East dark DM connector ledge
Dark Death Mountain Ledge (East) The East dark DM connector ledge
Superbunny Cave (Top) The summit of dark DM cave
Superbunny Cave (Bottom) The base of east dark DM
Hookshot Cave The rock on dark DM
Desert Palace Entrance (South) The book sealed passage
Tower of Hera The Tower of Hera
Two Brothers House (West) The door near the race game
Old Man Cave (East) The SW-most cave on west DM
Old Man House (Bottom) A cave with a door on west DM
Old Man House (Top) The eastmost cave on west DM
Death Mountain Return Cave (East) The westmost cave on west DM
Spectacle Rock Cave Peak The highest cave on west DM
Spectacle Rock Cave The right ledge on west DM
Spectacle Rock Cave (Bottom) The left ledge on west DM
Paradox Cave (Bottom) The southmost cave on east DM
Paradox Cave (Middle) The right paired cave on east DM
Paradox Cave (Top) The east DM summit cave
Fairy Ascension Cave (Bottom) The east DM cave behind rocks
Fairy Ascension Cave (Top) The central ledge on east DM
Spiral Cave The left ledge on east DM
Spiral Cave (Bottom) The SWmost cave on east DM
Palace of Darkness Palace of Darkness
Hyrule Castle Entrance (West) The left castle door
Hyrule Castle Entrance (East) The right castle door
Agahnims Tower The sealed castle door
Desert Palace Entrance (West) The westmost building in the desert
Desert Palace Entrance (North) The northmost cave in the desert
Blinds Hideout Blind’s old house
Lake Hylia Fairy A cave NE of Lake Hylia
Light Hype Fairy The cave south of your house
Desert Fairy The cave near the desert
Chicken House The chicken lady’s house
Aginahs Cave The open desert cave
Sahasrahlas Hut The house near armos
Cave Shop (Lake Hylia) The cave NW Lake Hylia
Blacksmiths Hut The old smithery
Sick Kids House The central house in Kakariko
Lost Woods Gamble A tree trunk door
Fortune Teller (Light) A building NE of Kakariko
Snitch Lady (East) A house guarded by a snitch
Snitch Lady (West) A house guarded by a snitch
Bush Covered House A house with an uncut lawn
Tavern (Front) A building with a backdoor
Light World Bomb Hut A Kakariko building with no door
Kakariko Shop The old Kakariko shop
Mini Moldorm Cave The cave south of Lake Hylia
Long Fairy Cave The eastmost portal cave
Good Bee Cave The open cave SE Lake Hylia
20 Rupee Cave The rock SE Lake Hylia
50 Rupee Cave The rock near the desert
Ice Rod Cave The sealed cave SE Lake Hylia
Library The old library
Potion Shop The witch’s building
Dam The old dam
Lumberjack House The lumberjack house
Lake Hylia Fortune Teller The building NW Lake Hylia
Kakariko Gamble Game The old Kakariko gambling den
Waterfall of Wishing Going behind the waterfall
Capacity Upgrade The cave on the island
Bonk Rock Cave The rock pile near Sanctuary
Graveyard Cave The graveyard ledge
Checkerboard Cave The NE desert ledge
Cave 45 The ledge south of haunted grove
Kings Grave The northeastmost grave
Bonk Fairy (Light) The rock pile near your home
Hookshot Fairy A cave on east DM
Bonk Fairy (Dark) The rock pile near the old bomb shop
Dark Sanctuary Hint The dark sanctuary cave
Dark Lake Hylia Fairy The cave NE dark Lake Hylia
C-Shaped House The NE house in Village of Outcasts
Big Bomb Shop The old bomb shop
Dark Death Mountain Fairy The SW cave on dark DM
Dark Lake Hylia Shop The building NW dark Lake Hylia
Dark World Shop The hammer sealed building
Red Shield Shop The fenced in building
Mire Shed The western hut in the mire
East Dark World Hint The dark cave near the eastmost portal
Dark Desert Hint The cave east of the mire
Spike Cave The ledge cave on west dark DM
Palace of Darkness Hint The building south of Kiki
Dark Lake Hylia Ledge Spike Cave The rock SE dark Lake Hylia
Cave Shop (Dark Death Mountain) The base of east dark DM
Dark World Potion Shop The building near the catfish
Archery Game The old archery game
Dark World Lumberjack Shop The northmost Dark World building
Hype Cave The cave south of the old bomb shop
Brewery The Village of Outcasts building with no door
Dark Lake Hylia Ledge Hint The open cave SE dark Lake Hylia
Chest Game The westmost building in the Village of Outcasts
Dark Desert Fairy The eastern hut in the mire
Dark Lake Hylia Ledge Fairy The sealed cave SE dark Lake Hylia
Fortune Teller (Dark) The building NE the Village of Outcasts
Sanctuary Sanctuary
Lumberjack Tree Cave The cave Behind Lumberjacks
Lost Woods Hideout Stump The stump in Lost Woods
North Fairy Cave The cave East of Graveyard
Bat Cave Cave The cave in eastern Kakariko
Kakariko Well Cave The cave in northern Kakariko
Hyrule Castle Secret Entrance Stairs The tunnel near the castle
Skull Woods First Section Door The southeastmost skull
Skull Woods Second Section Door (East) The central open skull
Skull Woods Second Section Door (West) The westmost open skull
Desert Palace Entrance (East) The eastern building in the desert
Turtle Rock Isolated Ledge Entrance The isolated ledge on east dark DM
Bumper Cave (Top) The upper Bumper Cave
Hookshot Cave Back Entrance The stairs on the floating island

Destination Entrance Naming:

Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle (all three entrances)
Eastern Palace Eastern Palace
Desert Palace Desert Palace (all four entrances, including final)
Tower of Hera Tower of Hera
Palace of Darkness Palace of Darkness
Swamp Palace Swamp Palace
Skull Woods Skull Woods (any entrance including final)
Thieves’ Town Thieves’ Town
Ice Palace Ice Palace
Misery Mire Misery Mire
Turtle Rock Turtle Rock (all four entrances)
Ganon’s Tower Ganon’s Tower
Castle Tower Agahnim’s Tower
A connector Paradox Cave, Spectacle Rock Cave, Hookshot Cave, Superbunny Cave, Spiral Cave, Old Man Fetch Cave, Old Man House, Elder House, Quarreling Brothers’ House, Bumper Cave, DM Fairy Ascent Cave, DM Exit Cave
A bounty of five items Mini-moldorm cave, Hype Cave, Blind’s Hideout
Sahasrahla Sahasrahla
A cave with two items Mire hut, Waterfall Fairy, Pyramid Fairy
A fairy fountain Any healer fairy cave, either bonk cave with four fairies, the “long fairy” cave
A common shop Any shop that sells bombs by default
The rare shop The shop that sells the Red Shield by default
The potion shop Potion Shop
The bomb shop Bomb Shop
A fortune teller Any of the three fortune tellers
A house with a chest Chicken Lady’s house, C-House, Brewery
A cave with an item Checkerboard cave, Hammer Pegs cave, Cave 45, Graveyard Ledge cave
A cave with a chest Sanc Bonk Rock Cave, Cape Grave Cave, Ice Rod Cave, Aginah’s Cave
The dam Watergate
The sick kid Sick Kid
The library Library
Mimic Cave Mimic Cave
Spike Cave Spike Cave
A game of 16 chests VoO chest game (for the item)
A storyteller The four DW NPCs who charge 20 rupees for a hint as well as the PoD Bdlg guy who gives a free hint
A cave with some cash 20 rupee cave, 50 rupee cave (both have thieves and some pots)
A game of chance Gambling game (just for cash, no items)
A game of skill Archery minigame
The queen of fairies Capacity Upgrade Fairy
A drop’s exit Sanctuary, LW Thieves’ Hideout, Kakariko Well, Magic Bat, Useless Fairy, Uncle Tunnel, Ganon drop exit
A restock room The Kakariko bomb/arrow restock room
The tavern The Kakariko tavern
The grass man The Kakariko man with many beds
A cold bee The “wrong side” of Ice Rod cave where you can get a Good Bee
Fairies deep in a cave Hookshot Fairy

Location naming reference:

Mushroom in the woods
Master Sword Pedestal at the pedestal
Bottle Merchant with a merchant
Stumpy with tree boy
Flute Spot underground
Digging Game underground
Lake Hylia Island on an island
Floating Island on an island
Bumper Cave Ledge on a ledge
Spectacle Rock atop a rock
Maze Race at the race
Desert Ledge in the desert
Pyramid on the pyramid
Catfish with a catfish
Ether Tablet at a monument
Bombos Tablet at a monument
Hobo with the hobo
Zora’s Ledge near Zora
King Zora at a high price
Sunken Treasure underwater
Floodgate Chest in the dam
Blacksmith with the smith
Purple Chest from a box
Old Man with the old man
Link’s Uncle with your uncle
Secret Passage near your uncle
Kakariko Well (5 items) in a well
Lost Woods Hideout near a thief
Lumberjack Tree in a hole
Magic Bat with the bat
Paradox Cave (7 items) in a cave with seven chests
Blind’s Hideout (5 items) in a basement
Mini Moldorm Cave (5 items) near Moldorms
Hype Cave (4 back chests) near a bat-like man
Hype Cave – Generous Guy with a bat-like man
Hookshot Cave (4 items) across pits
Sahasrahla’s Hut (chests in back) near the elder
Sahasrahla with the elder
Waterfall Fairy (2 items) near a fairy
Pyramid Fairy (2 items) near a fairy
Mire Shed (2 items) near sparks
Superbunny Cave (2 items) in a connection
Spiral Cave in spiral cave
Kakariko Tavern in the bar
Link’s House in your home
Sick Kid with the sick
Library near books
Potion Shop near potions
Spike Cave beyond spikes
Mimic Cave in a cave of mimicry
Chest Game as a prize
Chicken House near poultry
Aginah’s Cave with Aginah
Ice Rod Cave in a frozen cave
Brewery alone in a home
C-Shaped House alone in a home
Spectacle Rock Cave alone in a cave
King’s Tomb alone in a cave
Cave 45 alone in a cave
Graveyard Cave alone in a cave
Checkerboard Cave alone in a cave
Bonk Rock Cave alone in a cave
Peg Cave alone in a cave
Sanctuary: in Sanctuary
Hyrule Castle – Boomerang Chest in Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle – Map Chest in Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle – Zelda’s Chest in Hyrule Castle
Sewers – Dark Cross in the sewers
Sewers – Secret Room (3 items) in the sewers
Eastern Palace – Boss with the Armos
Eastern Palace (otherwise, 5 items) in Eastern Palace
Desert Palace – Boss with Lanmolas
Desert Palace (otherwise, 5 items) in Desert Palace
Tower of Hera – Boss with Moldorm
Tower of Hera (otherwise, 5 items) in Tower of Hera
Castle Tower (2 items) in Castle Tower
Palace of Darkness – Boss with Helmasaur King
Palace of Darkness (otherwise, 13 items) in Palace of Darkness
Swamp Palace – Boss with Arrghus
Swamp Palace (otherwise, 9 items) in Swamp Palace
Skull Woods – Bridge Room near Mothula
Skull Woods – Boss with Mothula
Skull Woods (otherwise, 6 items) in Skull Woods
Thieves’ Town – Boss with Blind
Thieves’ Town (otherwise, 7 items) in Thieves’ Town
Ice Palace – Boss with Kholdstare
Ice Palace (otherwise, 7 items) in Ice Palace
Misery Mire – Boss with Vitreous
Misery Mire (otherwise, 7 items) in Misery Mire
Turtle Rock – Boss with Trinexx
Turtle Rock (otherwise, 11 items) in Turtle Rock
Ganons Tower (after climb, 4 items) atop Ganon’s Tower
Ganon’s Tower (otherwise, 23 items) in Ganon’s Tower