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Is There Too Much Going On? + Peak Rando, Most of a 1:22:49 & GuessThe.Game

Is There Too Much Going On? + Peak Rando, Most of a 1:22:49 & GuessThe.Game

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timp, Daaanty & Hurfydurfy spend the majority of their allotted time this episode to talk about the state of the community, and debate whether or not there’s “too much” going on right now. More details on this episode’s discussion can be found in the timecodes below!

5:20 – Fetch Question from Lumaga
7:40 – Hurf’s Turf
13:10 – DaaantyLand
26:10 – timpseltown
38:40 – Are we past peak Rando? (+ Tracker Chat?)
54:30 – ALTTPR League Brackets
59:45 – 2023 Torneo Hispaño de ALTTPR
1:00:45 – AddeOvHell’s 1:22:49 NMG
1:03:45 – Glitched MT Registration Reminder
1:04:45 – BWSes 113 & 114
1:09:30 – Shoutouts & Wrap-up

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ALTTPR League Website w/ S5 Bracket Standings

2023 Torneo Hispaño de ALTTPR
Rules Doc | Signup link

AddeOvHell’s segmented WR (inadmissible)
Segment 1 | Segment 2 | Segment 3

Glitched Mentor Tournament
Racer Registration | Mentor Registration | Rules

The Callisto Protocol

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Seed 1:  Open Assured Sword with notes from Gammachuu + Magnit Handz
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Seed 3: Standard Assured Sword with notes from Eriror + ScottishBrave44 (timp’s pick; start here first!)
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Seed 4: Standard Random Swords with notes from Daaanty + Kaesden
Notes link: https://gomodepodcast.com/gigm-notes-seed-4/
Seed link: https://alttpr.com/en/h/98vwrXAqMA