Seed 2: Open Random Swords with notes from Obscure + vortexofdoom
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Starting Routes

Starting Routes are a small deviance to how a seed is routed. Lets see how these runners do it for this seed

Obscure: Starting links house and going to uncle is a great way to do quick checks in hopes for bombs or a potential weapons. Which they do, getting hammer and somaria, which makes access for things later down the line. And allows a pretty easy front of escape.

Vortex: Doing exactly the same thing. Most players will do uncle route in simpler modes. But Sanc start is totally valid as well. As it allows a much higher chance to get a weapon to do uncle into front of escape more guaranteed.

Kakariko Cleared items gathered : Flute, Glove, Shovel and Mirror from maze game

After Kakariko

Obscure : Quick flute to 6 to include aginah into the southshore route, great way to make Aginahs cave not be isolated. Mini moldorm cave gives us Mitts. which allows us to check mire medallion and do a quick desert dip.

Vortex: ————–

Dark world starting spots

Obscure: Kakariko portal into a front of skull dip

Vortex : Links house south portal to hype cave up towards thieves from the south.

Continuing from the dark world entrances

Obscure: getting bow in thieves and ice rod, bow allows pod and eastern to be cleared, obscure will finish smith chain into hype cave while getting saha closet on the way to pod, mirror and do the easter pod combo. This now gives us Fire rod, and all 3 medallions

Vortex: after doing south darkworld and smith chain. vortex goes straight to the mountain. Only gaining bombos.

Mountain time. Our players get nothing of value from the light mountain, However obscure is able to do Turtle Rock while vortex must leave to get the bow and rods they’re missing what obscure has.

Vortex : clears thieves getting ice rod and bow, green pendant turn in from thieves gives us hookshot. Vortex now does the pod eastern combo gaining all the items back that obscure had over them.

Obscure : with tr and the mountain finished its time to clear crystals while looking for a sword which we find in ice palace.

Obscure is just a hookshot and possible boots from go mode.

Vortex is only boots and a sword from go.

Boots are acquired from pyramid fairy By obscure which ARE NOT required and a sword is in Ice palace and in gt. GO MODE