Seed 3: Standard Assured Sword

with notes from Eriror + ScottishBrave44

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Before You Start (about the escape sequence)

BRAVE: One of the most important things to look for in escape is bombs. Don’t spend too long looking for these. You’ll have a chance of getting them from chests. Try and kill guards along the way, but don’t spend too much time. Guards and Ropes (snakes) share a prize pack, rats are on another. Try to kill guards on the way, but if it’s inconvenient, don’t.
ERI: Usually escape is nice because it gives you a hint on what to do next with the items it gives you. A very important part is that we want bombs for the back of escape. Either we find some, find boots, or we kill enemies to find bombs.

After Escape

BRAVE: Coming out of escape, there are a few options. I like to check Lumberjack immediately. Some folks like to wait until they have boots. There is an alternate route you can take, where you save and quit and go to south shore, but I prefer hitting Kak first, since it’s 13-14 checks.
ERI: We have a couple of options now. We can immediatley S&Q and do shouth shore to try and get some items for kak. I like doing lost woods because it is a fairly isolated check. Checking lumberjack isn’t bad either to get early information and to do tree pulls/check bush crab. But in standard you usually have a few resources already. If you want to minimize your kakariko trips, you can save and quit from the lost woods.

When you have Dark World Access

BRAVE: With Mitts, you have access thorugh Kak. From here you can make the decision to go down into Village of Outcasts or up into Skull Woods. I am of the mind that the front of Skull Woods is just like an overworld check. You have the option to dip into Thieves’ Town without the hammer, which may abandon the big chest. There is a chance that the big chest is just the small key. I’m going to risk it and come back later when I have the hammer since with mitts I can do smith chain.
ERI: There’s a lot of green on the dark world map. The real question is What do we do with the front of Thieves’ Town, and what do we do with Smith Chain? We have to think of how much we want to leave behind. If we take the smith we always need to go back to kak afterward. I don’t think it’s unlikely we find flippers or hookshot to give us more to do. This weighs against finding the mirror which would make smith chain faster, or hammer, which would give us all of Thieves’s Town. I’ll skip skull woods for now, so that I can try to do everything in one go.

When you get the Hammer

BRAVE: We have options: we can go to Thieves’ Town and finish it, or go to Palace of Darkness. I’m going to Thieves’ so that I can also grab purple chest and hammer pegs so that I don’t have to come back to this area unless I have to do Skull Woods.
ERI: Without the lamp, I’d recommend going straight to TT to finish that, but with the lamp, I’m going to head right to PoD.

When you get the Flippers

BRAVE: We do have flipper checks open to us, which include hobo, waterfall fairy, and Zora ledge. I’m going to follow that up. I like to follow progression, and flippers to me mean progression.
ERI: You could continue to do pyramid/catfish, but that’s a little slow for two checks. You can continue to PoD and hope to find the hammer, which is fairly reasonable. I think I would S/Q and do flipper checks now. You could also sequence break up the mountain for a few checks, which seems reasonable as well.

When you get the Hookshot

BRAVE: That opens up more of the mountain to us, so I’m interested in going up the mountain next. Also the hookshot opens up Ice Palace for us due to key logic. The mountain has quite a lot of checks, so I’m going to head up there. On the mountain, we do have pendant Hera available. It is only two checks, but I’m going to make the choice to go in. Hera could have something, and without the mirror, we would isolate it if we don’t do it now. A lot of people will choose to leave Hera Basement if there’s an item there. I’m going to be thorough here and check it.
ERI: Almost the entirety of DM is in logic except spike cave and turtle rock. Spike we could do because we have the bug catching net. My usual rule is do full clearable crystals first. IP is slow with just bombos and without Somaria. TT we have a similar problem with smith chain, it’s slow without the mirror. We are very likely to have to do DM this seed, so it is more likely to tell us what we have to do next based on our current loadout.

When you get the Book of Mudora

BRAVE: This gives us the chance to do tablets and gives us access to Desert Palace, though I am reluctant to do Desert without boots, since it can be boots locked. A mirror and flute would also let me pair Mire with Desert.
ERI: Eri did not find the book

When you get the Mirror

BRAVE: I’m going to head to swamp, hoping to find a flute here. I can then go to desert with the book if it’s not there, as well as check the overworld checks on the way, like Cave 45 and Bombos Tablet.
ERI: Mirror was Eri’s go mode

When you get the Flute

BRAVE: Flute was Brave’s go mode
ERI: We have a lot of reasonable options. Considering we may need Ether, checking mire shed/mire is probably a good first bet. Doing crystal dungeons without surrounding overworld is a bit better. Mire also unlocks pyramid fairy. Mire is just an opportunity thing. It’s not the fastest, and we had to check to see which medallion we needed. TR is also a good option, and ideally we want to do TR last. TT would be fairly fast, but it’s only two checks and you’d feel obligated to do smith chain, which makes it as a whole slower. IP will likely be next after Mire thanks to somaria and fire rod. I’ll probably do IP, then TT, then TR hoping to find a mirror before hand. Before TR, I’ll think about doing Pyramid fairy first.