Seed 4: Standard Random Swords

with notes from Daaanty + Kaesden

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With a standard start we are forced to do the escape sequence. This will give us a weapon no matter what, however with it being randomized swords, we will be forced to improvise. Thankfully its a —bow— that our possibly deceased uncle gives us. One of the easier weapons.

During the escape sequence killing guards and rats becomes a priority to find out your prize pools and hope you landed on one of them being in the bomb prize pack (looking those up can be useful for this reason). In this seed, the guards are actually in said prize pack, meaning we can now get our back of escape items!

Items obtained during the escape sequence are Bombos, Bow, Hammer, a bottle, and a Sword. Meaning if Eastern Palace is a crystal, it now becomes a priority. This also means we can get sick kid first time in kakariko!


In kak we find another sword, hookshot, and a ton of money!

With all that out the way, Our map layout reads Eastern as a pendant, Desert as a normal crystal, and Hera as our first red crystal. Its a shame Eastern wasnt a crystal, but for now lets focus on south shore.

This is where our runners will start to deviate a little bit, as everyone starts to do things differently at this point.

South Shore

Kaesden – Kaesden does a more thorough strat of south shore doing Damn into Aginahs cave. This allows you to keep your cpm at a decent level while not forcing a last locate Aginah before Aga play.

Daaanty – Chooses to do the Saha into eastern play following the bow than afterwards doing damn to mini moldorm cave and ending on icerod cave

Glove, Lamp, Somaria, and Shovel were Obtained from south shore while Daanty has a cape over Kaesden. Both of our runners check the dig spot which is nothing, and now they both go to the mountain!


Death mountain having a lot of high density checks are a great way to go about things when so early in a seed still.

From here we obtain our Moon Pearl and both our runners clear Hera giving us our first Red crystal, Hera itself had no items though. Sad days.

Dark World

Both our runners take the 4 portal and do hypecave nabbing ice rod

Daaaanty – After hype straight to Palace of Darkness due to it being a fully clearable crystal.

Kaesden – goes to stumpy and dig game, saves and quits and goes to the kak portal instead for thieves town.

Kaesden gets boots and the other 5/6 crystal from thieves town. While Daanty is now going to Thieves since Palace of Darkness was empty.

Skull Woods

Both players do skull which turn up to be nothing

Cape gives us flippers from bumper ledge which puts ice palace into logic. Even though its a pendant it could possibly have progression.

And with mitts from pyramid fairy, since we already have hookshot all of Dark Death Mountain is in play minus being able to clear TR since we still dont have fire rod.

Dark Death Mountain only gave us quake, possible mire entry for when we get flute.

Currently at this point, We are a Mirror, Fire Rod, And Flute from go mode!

Both players Find out and or Require the Book of Modora from Lumber Jack ledge which is REQUIRED EW!

Book entrance to Desert gives us Fire Rod! Now both Skull woods and Turtle Rock are clearable.

Mirror is on Trinexx! this now opens up Mirror Checks and Swamp Palace!

And now with our Flute in Swamp and all 3 medallions, we are 100% IN GO MODE!