32 – BONUS: Learn to Hover w/ P-Train + SGL 2019 Prep

32 – BONUS: Learn to Hover w/ P-Train + SGL 2019 Prep

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Though they’re releasing it on a normal Wednesday at the normal time, timp & Hurfydurfy decide to call this one a BONUS episode! With Ax out, the two of them hype each other up for Speed Gaming Live 2019, answer a thought-provoking Fetch Question, and touch on the past and current Bi-Weekly Seeds. FEATURE: timp is joined by ALTTPR community member, Hoverer, and all around Good Dude P-Train for a discussion on hovering, including a detailed guide on how and when to pull off a hover in one of your seeds.

2:15 – Go Mode Podcast Release Schedule Announcement
3:45 – “News”
5:15 – Meet P-Train
8:25 – The Basics
12:00 – When to Hover
20:00 – Why the Hover Hate?
25:35 – How To Hover
33:45 – Final Thoughts
35:45 – Fetch Question
44:55 – Bi-Weekly Seed
47:05 – Wrap Up

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SpeedGaming Live Attendance Guide and Tournament Rules
Additional ALTTPR Rules

ALTTP Speedrunning Wiki Entry
Hover Tutorial by P-Train (2018)
Hover Tutorial by P-Train (2019)

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