A Rando Carol: Updates, Festives, & Going Mainstream + Rando Resolutions 4

A Rando Carol: Updates, Festives, & Going Mainstream + Rando Resolutions 4

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Bah, humbug! I’m Timpaneezer Scrooge and I’m far too busy with these ledgers for holiday spirit. I’m just here to tell you, as coldly and plainly as possible, that in this episode timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy discuss ALTTPR League S4’s fast-approaching finals and exchange a few Rando Resolutions, nothing more. Well, feeling sleepy now, so once I describe the episode’s feature I’ll be off to bed, where I’m sure I’ll get 8 solid hours with zero interruptions. Say, do you hear chains? FEATURE: Framed by a Christmas-themed narrative device, the GMP Crew discusses three ALTTPR topics: Version updates throughout the years, Festives, and Rando’s overall popularity.

6:45 – ALTTPR League S4 Nearing Finals
13:50 – GMP Community Updates
17:20 – Rando Past: Updates Throughout the Years
37:30 – Rando Present: Festives
56:40 – Rando Future: Going Mainstream
1:21:15 – Rando Resolutions

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LIVE at A Christmas Story House

ALTTPR League Website

ALTTPR Updates | Sakura Tsubasa Version Update Videos Playlist
Rotating Special (Festive) Randomizers
Trial By Fieri Ep. 1: An Ill-Advised Zelda: LTTP Randomized Run Begins (content warning)

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