ALTTPR Platforms: Hardware and Emulators + Controller Chat & Voice Call Ban

ALTTPR Platforms: Hardware and Emulators + Controller Chat & Voice Call Ban

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Choo-choo! That’s right, just like Spirit Tracks, this one’s gonna be train themed! Not the episode itself, just the description. First, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy welcome all aboard their platform as they discuss the latest in the community and their own Rando lives, including SGL 21, League, the ZSR 21 Marathon, the Most Unpopular BWS of All Time, and a recent ruling from the Racing Council that pulls the brakes on voice calls during official races. Back at the caboose of the episode is a quick discussion on controllers and a brief return trip to last week’s discussion. Last stop: Fun! FEATURE: The GMP hosts speak on the difference between playing ALTTPR on hardware vs. emulator and highlight platforms used by the community today.

2:30 – SGL 21 Brackets
7:50 – Council News: Voice Call Ban
11:45 – League S4 Updates
17:45 – ALTTP at ZSR Marathon 2021
18:50 – Most Unpopular BWS Ever
22:20 – Emulation vs. Hardware
33:50 – Emulators
45:10 – SNES Classic
50:30 – Tracking AFK
53:30 – MiSTeR
55:55 – Super Nt
1:03:05 – FXPak & the OG SNES
1:10:40 – “Others”
1:14:10 – Superlatives & Controller Chat
1:21:45 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up

LINKS (visit for full urls)

SGL 2021 Bracket

ALTTPR League Website

ZSR Marathon 2021
A Link to the Past – All Dungeons RMG Race by MichaelK__ & Spleebie
ALTTP Randomizer – Crosskeys Enemizer Blackout Bingo by gfe_12, Megawott, ptrain24
NOTE: Chexhuman and Matkap were not featured, but check them both out on Twitch anyway! Chexhuman | Matkap

ALTTPR Platforms
Snes9X | Bizhawk | RetroArch

SNES Classic | MiSTeR | Super Nt | FXPAK

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