Async Qualifiers, Mulligans, Ped Goal Mosaics & Ganonhunt (Hurfless)

Async Qualifiers, Mulligans, Ped Goal Mosaics & Ganonhunt (Hurfless)

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Hurf? HuRf?! HUUUUUURF!! Dangit…I guess timp and Daaanty are on their own this time. But surprise surprise, when the two most loquacious members of the GMP Crew get together, you know they’re going to produce at LEAST an hour of ALTTPR podcastin’ for ya.

2:50 – 2nd Main Tournament Announcement
8:30 – Async Qualifiers
20:45 – One Qualifier Do-Over
26:45 – V31.1 Update
30:55 – Analogue Pocket Chat
34:55 – Ped Goal .Done Clarity
38:50 – Door League S3 Ends
48:00 – Spoiler Pilot Finals Set
50:40 – Glitched MT (Mostly) Concluded
55:35 – Wrap-up & Shoutouts

LINKS (visit for full URLs)

ALTTPR 2023 Main Tournament Rules & Information

V31.1 Updates

Analogue Pocket

Doors League Finals Race, Restreamed by Andy

Spoiler Pilot
Challonge | Discord

Glitched Mentor Tournament Brackets
Top 16 (Fake Dark World) | Secondary Bracket of 10 (Fake Light World)

Daaanty Doubles Down on Double Down Reviews, Then and Now

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