Challenge Cup w/ RidleyDragon + MSU Launcher & Racing Council Inquiries

Challenge Cup w/ RidleyDragon + MSU Launcher & Racing Council Inquiries

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It’s Tourney Time people!! After a postmortem of Daaanty’s 2021 Main Tournament group stage reveal stream, the Go Mode Crew discusses the Main Tourney so far, then timp’s progression through the Challenge Cup groups. They then take a quick break from discussing tournaments to cover Kaesden’s MSU Launcher, a change to the way the Racing Council accepts inquiries, and some developments on MT21 planning. But then it’s back to discussing tournament’s in a big way for our FEATURE: timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy welcome Challenge Cup founder and admin RidleyDragon to the show to discuss ALTTPR’s largest (and growing) community tournament.

5:05 – Daaanty’s Main Tournament Experience
8:30 – timp’s Challenge Cup Experience
14:05 – Kaesden’s MSU Launcher, Ease of Play Chat
20:45 – Daaanty’s Raaanty: Tracker Go Mode Button
25:35 – Racing Council Inquiry Channel
32:45 – GMP Community Updates
35:45 – Meet RidleyDragon
40:40 – Challenge Cup Origins
49:30 – Admining Challenges
1:07:15 – Improvement Stats & Final Thoughts
1:17:15 – Wrap-Up

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Daaanty Reveals the 2021 Main Tournament Groups

2021 Main Tournament Challonge

Kaesden’s MSU Launcher program (work in progress)

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