Custom Sprites w/ miketrethewey + SGL 2020 Wraps & Boots Camp

Custom Sprites w/ miketrethewey + SGL 2020 Wraps & Boots Camp

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timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy are pleased to bring you something you never thought you’d hear from them: An episode of Go Mode! …What do you mean that’s exactly what you were expecting? Does that mean that you DON’T want to hear them talk about SGL 2020, the ALTTPR League, and the Overworld Glitches Mentor Tournament’s expansive training program known as Boots Camp? Uh huh…so this means that you’re NOT into the two Fetch Questions they answer at the end? I see. Well, I know you’re going to love this FEATURE: the Go Mode Crew welcomes Mike Trethewey onto the program to discuss custom sprites in ALTTPR, including their history and development as well as tips on how to design your own.

1:30 – SpeedGaming Live 2020 Retrospective
8:35 – ALTTPR League
12:20 – OWG MT: Boots Camp
15:05 – Notes on Ep. 60
17:00 – Bi-Weekly Seeds
19:40 – Disclaimer
21:15 – Meet miketrethewey
27:00 – The History of Custom Sprites in ALTTPR
33:35 – Sprite Creation Programs
54:50 – Making a Custom Sprite
1:01:55 – Tips and Tricks
1:10:15 – Uncle Sprite & Quantity
1:18:30 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-up

LINKS (visit for full urls)

Speedgaming Live 2020 Final Challonge

ALTTPR League Standings

The Zeldix Forums
Artheau and Mike Trethewey’s SpriteSomething

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