Ganon w/ Sailor Nep + SahasrahBot Takeover Festive & Torch Glitch Traffic Spike

Ganon w/ Sailor Nep + SahasrahBot Takeover Festive & Torch Glitch Traffic Spike

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Gannon University is a private Catholic university in Erie, Pennsylvania with approximately 4,500 students and 46,000 alumni. Ganon University is the place where ALTTPR enthusiasts go to learn how to kill Hyrule’s Big Pig, and you get two guesses as to where you’re about to matriculate, freshman! First, timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy discuss SahasrahBot’s new devious scheme to randomize our velocities via the Spring ’22 festive, then move onto the Main Tourney Quals (which are now underway), the AD Keys bracket, and a Trending Torch Glitch resource. And once the pig is cooked, it’s on to BBQ talk! FEATURE: The GMP crew is joined by Sailor Nep as she leads a lecture on Advanced Ganon Survival 201.

2:25 – Spring Festive ‘22: SahasrahBot Takeover
9:30 – Main Tourney Qualifiers Underway + Challenge Cup Returns
11:50 – AD Keys Brackets
13:10 – Torch Glitch Traffic Spike
16:55 – Interview Setup
18:15 – Meet Sailor Nep
23:55 – Loadout & Prep
27:55 – Phase 1
33:05 – Phase 2
47:10 – Phase 3
53:30 – Torch Glitch
59:25 – Phase 4
1:12:55 – Master Sword (Somaria Strats)
1:22:30 – Swordless
1:26:35 – Mental State
1:35:05 – Fetch Questions & Shout-outs

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Main Tourney Schedule & Rules
Challenge Cup Returns

AD Keys 2022 Bracket

Torch Glitch on

Sailor Nep’s Ganon Position Resource | Boss Damage Table
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