GMT Winner Gammachuu + SGL 23, Group Race Test & Shadow Rush

GMT Winner Gammachuu + SGL 23, Group Race Test & Shadow Rush

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To the victor go the spoils! Join timp as he chats with GMP Glitched Mentor Tournament champion Gammachuu about his recent tourney experience, his current opinion on glitched modes, advice to new runners and more. And then there’s also a bunch of regular episode stuff but you already know what to expect on that front.

6:25 – Glitched Mentor Tournament Podiums
7:35 – GMT Champion Gammachuu
22:50 – SGL 2023 Announced
27:25 – Group Race Test (timp’s experience)
40:20 – Spoiler Pilot Concludes
42:25 – German Tourney Finals This Week
44:40 – Shadow Rush BWS
51:55 – Spoiler Log
56:10 – Shout-outs

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Glitched Mentor Tournament Brackets
Top 16 (Fake Dark World) | Secondary Bracket of 10 (Fake Light World)

Spoiler Pilot – Final Challonge

Watch the German Tournament Finals, Games 1 & 2 this Wednesday and Thursday at

Resident Evil 4 Remake | Grand Theft Auto 5 Online | Succession

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