Is ALTTPR Too Hard? + ZSR Marathon 2021 & The Cheatement

Is ALTTPR Too Hard? + ZSR Marathon 2021 & The Cheatement

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Wowie wow, what a hot tamale of a question! I’m not touching that one without mitts on. Instead, let’s start by focusing on the slightly more lukewarm takes you’ll get from timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy as they cover the latest in ALTTPR community news. We’ve got the SGL 2021 Qualifiers wrapped up and brackets underway, some surprises in the ALTTPR Open League, some Racing Council news (hey that’s about as chilly as it gets), and a delightful thought exercise to chew on known as “The Cheatement”. FEATURE: timp poses a loaded question to the community and to his co-hosts in order to kick off a discussion on ALTTPR difficulty from various angles.

8:30 – SGL 21 Qualifiers Conclude
16:25 – Battle of the Pugs Recap
19:35 – ALTTPR League S4 Weeks 2 & 3
23:20 – ZSR Marathon 21 Runs Announced
27:55 – Council News
35:25 – Retrance Invitational Winner
36:45 – The Cheatement
44:00 – GMP Community Updates
46:05 – The Community Weighs In
50:00 – More Nuanced Questions
1:26:40 – Daaanty’s Hover Seed Raaanty
1:41:50 – Accessibility
1:49:50 – Final Thoughts & Community Responses
1:52:30 – Wrap-up

LINKS (visit for full urls)

SGL 2021 Final Qualifier Scoresheet | Bracket

Battle of the Pugs VOD on Twitch

ALTTPR League Website

ZSR Marathon 2021 Accepted Runs

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