LIVE at SGL 2022! – Event Impressions + Audience & Chat Q+A

LIVE at SGL 2022! – Event Impressions + Audience & Chat Q+A

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…but dont’t worry if you’d rather listen to this as a podcast. This audio version is exactly the same audio as heard in the video version, and we did our best to describe visual elements into the mics. As a person who prefers to listen to some podcasts that have video, please don’t be shy about listening to this as a podcast episode—it should be just as fun as listening to a standard ep! – Tuesday Timp

3:50 – ALTTPR Tournament Overview
5:45 – Andy vs. Maniacal w/ Daaanty & Ack on Comms
7:35 – ALTTPR x SMZ3R Runner Crossover
10:15 – Stream & Tournament Rooms Setup
13:35 – Tourney Prize Amounts
16:25 – Matt7898 vs. Daaanty
26:45 – Consolation Tournament
28:35 – Audience & Chat Questions
57:00 – Thank You’s

Daaanty vs. matt7898, SGL 2022 On-Site Group Stage Match
Maniacal vs. Andy, SGL 2022 Bracket Semifinals Match

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