Managing Magic + Armos Shake Glitch, Booomerange & V31.0.8 Hotfix

Managing Magic + Armos Shake Glitch, Booomerange & V31.0.8 Hotfix

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Nice! In this tight, sub-90 minute episode, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy kick it off with some SNES Jr chat, followed by an exploration of a couple new glitches on the scene. Also on the docket is discussion of the V31.0.8 hotfix, some community tourney check-ins, and the usual retinue of GMP community updates and shoutouts. FEATURE: timp and the rest of the crew try to make science out of magic, discussing how it works, where to get it, and what to do when you run out.

6:50 – Headliner: Armos Shake Storage and Booomerange
13:45 – V31.0.8 Hotfix Update
19:25 – Community Tournament Check-In
24:10 – GMP Community Updates
26:30 – Intro
28:45 – The Basics
37:15 – Refilling Your Magic
46:25 – Magic Critical Spots
1:10:25 – Wrap-up and Shoutouts

LINKS (visit for full urls)

SNES Jr Info
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V31.0.8 Hotfix

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Main Tourney Qualifiers and Details

Fourth German Community ALTTPR Tourney Challonge

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Managing Magic
Monster/Attack Stats Guide by assassin17 (Details on MP)
Somaria Magic Refill | How to “Santa Dash” aka “Capedash Overflow” by Qirn
Ian Albert’s Link to the Past Maps (for studying magic pots)

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