Metagaming + April Fools Festive, Main Tourney Quals & “The Meta”

Metagaming + April Fools Festive, Main Tourney Quals & “The Meta”

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Have you ever wanted to go one level above? To look down upon your 4D chess board and see your opponent’s moves playing out before you just as predicted? We’re gonna talk about just that, but first, news! A new April Fools Festive Randomizer has us all bamboozled, and the Main Tournament qualifiers, now underway, determine who makes the top 128. Plus we cover some community tournaments that have wrapped up and answer a couple Fetch Questions. FEATURE: timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy discuss aspects of both Metagaming and The Meta in ALTTPR, both agreeing and disagreeing on several points. Whose galaxy brain will you agree with?

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April Fools Festive

Espeon’s Blackout Seed Run

Main Tourney Qualifiers Spreadsheet

Goon Tourney Final Brackets
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