MT21 Wrap-up w/ Winner MrAaronSnerd & MVP Mentor Laoria + Patreon Launch

MT21 Wrap-up w/ Winner MrAaronSnerd & MVP Mentor Laoria + Patreon Launch

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There’s an awful lot going on in this one! We’ve got a bevy of interesting news to discuss, including ALTTPR League Season 4, Ladder S9 and the Retrance Invitational, some new V.31.0.10 beta features to check out, plus a frank conversation about Daaanty taking a Fall, Guys. Then it’s off to interview land! First timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy chat with MT21’s MVP Mentor Laoria of Light, and then they converse with the grand champion of this year’s tournament, MrAaronSnerd. What follows is the traditional end-of-year MT post-mortem, featuring interesting stats and changes for next year. And finally, the crew discuss the exciting launch of the Go Mode Podcast Patreon. I can’t believe this episode ended in under two hours!

2:25 – Three Years of GMP (with timp this time)
4:05 – ALTTPR League S4
10:30 – Ladder S9 & Retrance Invitational
14:25 – V.31.0.10 Sneak Peek
25:10 – Pilot Spoiler Tourney & Fall Guys
37:00 – Crosskeys Brackets
38:10 – GMP Community Updates
41:20 – Interview with Laoria of Light
1:02:40 – MT Bracket Winners & Interview with MrAaronSnerd
1:24:50 – GMP MT 2021 Wrap-up Conversation
1:44:55 – GMP Now Has a Patreon
1:53:40 – Wrap-up

LINKS (visit for full urls)

ALTTPR League S4 Info Sheet
ALTTPR Ladder Retrance Invitational Bracket & Schedule

V.31.0.10 Features Sneak Peek

Pilot Spoiler Bracket Challonge
Crosskeys Bracket Challonge

Async Times | Feedback Form
Gold Sword Championship Game 2
Final Challonges: Gold | Tempered | Master | Fighter’s

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