MT23 Gold Sword Bracket Winner Bydey + V31.2.0, Fast ROM & TARC Admins I

MT23 Gold Sword Bracket Winner Bydey + V31.2.0, Fast ROM & TARC Admins I

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After sharing passionate opinions about some massive lag reduction coming our way soon apparently, the GMP hosts are proud to welcome Mentor Tournament 2023 Gold Sword Bracket Champion Bydey on to the show to share his experiences through this year’s Mentor Tournament, including the challenges of switching from NMG to ALTTPR.

5:35 – v31.2.0 Beta
13:05 – Fast ROM Gets Introduced Fast
30:45 – TARC Admins, Mods, Updates
34:50 – League S6
36:00 – Exit timp from Casual Boots ‘23
39:40 – Draft Order Selection Recap
41:15 – MT23 Bracket Podiums
42:45 – Meet Bydey
46:00 – Walking Through the MT Experience
1:04:40 – BWS, Review & Shoutouts

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V31.2.0 Beta
Download a seed | Update Notes


Rules Document | Twitch | Website

Casual Boots Tournament
Challonge | Discord | Rules | Race schedule
timp v bbonnell Group AG Bracket Tie-breaker Race

2023 Mentor Tournament
Final Results | Match Schedule (watch for Tempered Finals soon!)

MT23 Gold Sword Bracket Champion Bydey
Twitch | YouTube
Bydey’s Boots Escape Tutorial

Beast In The East 6
Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
How To with John Wilson

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