MT23 MVP Mentor akuheish + Jets of Time, TARC Voting & Draft Order Selection

MT23 MVP Mentor akuheish + Jets of Time, TARC Voting & Draft Order Selection

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We couldn’t have a Mentor Tournament without community members stepping up to volunteer their time and expertise, and this year MT22 alum akuheish was selected as the MT23 MVP Mentor. In addition to talking about MT experiences, akuheish also shares some details about another community centered around a randomized SNES classic: Chrono Trigger Jets of Time Randomizer. All that and more!

4:20 – MVP Mentor akuheish on The MT Experience
9:35 – Non-MT ALTTPR Events
11:25 – Chrono Trigger: Jets of Time
15:20 – TARC Applicant Voting
27:05 – Another Awkward Cheating Revelation
30:55 – League Applications Still Open
32:00 – timp’s fight for Casual Boots Bracket
33:45 – Rando as a Fantasy Football Draft Order Selector
44:30 – Mentor Tourney Final 4’s + BWS
46:35 – Wrap-up & Shoutouts
58:10 – 5 Years of the Go Mode Podcast

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Rules Document | Website

Casual Boots Tournament
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