Our Favorite (Video Game) Things + Quickswap Shop Talk & ALTTPR x Factorio

Our Favorite (Video Game) Things + Quickswap Shop Talk & ALTTPR x Factorio

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Watch Daaanty reveal the 2021 Main Tournament Groups! – Saturday, April 17th at 12:00 PM EDT on https://twitch.tv/speedgaming/

And now, to describe this episode! Let us waste no further time. timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy discuss their personal experiences across the Main Tournament Qualifiers (and of course Daaanty’s #1 seed), take the temperature on their feelings on quick swap, and throw in some updates on a few additional tournies, both those underway and those just getting started. Throw in some Twitch Sub responses and Friday Night Weekly Multiworlds and this episode’s just about described. All that’s left is the FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew takes a break from ALTTPR (for the most part) to talk about all kinds of other videos game things they enjoy, including The Binding of Isaac, Cheevo hunting, Peggle, The Avatar video game, and much, much more.

2:55 – Main Qualifiers Conclude, Daaanty Earns #1 Seed
17:55 – Challenge Cup and Async Lightspeed
21:00 – Quickswap Becomes the Norm
33:10 – Quick NMG Tourney Check-In
35:55 – April Fools Rando Pt. 2
45:30 – Friday Night Multiworlds & Factorio
53:45 – Talking About Video Games!
1:45:15 – Twitch Submitted Responses & Wrap-Up

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