Specky Clip, HMG Tourney, MT Week 1 & Mentee Manatees w/ malmo (Hurfless)

Specky Clip, HMG Tourney, MT Week 1 & Mentee Manatees w/ malmo (Hurfless)

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It’s not just a city in Sweden, folks. timp and Daaanty leave their umlauts and their capital M’s at the door to welcome MT Admin and glitched mode aficionado malmo onto the show to talk about the new Specky Clip, three new tourney announcements (including her very own 2nd HMG Tournament), the Mentor Tournament, and more!

2:35 – Specky Clip
20:00 – NMG League S4 Goes ALTTPR Vanilla
25:00 – Crosskeys Tourney Announced
27:15 – HMG Tournament
30:30 – Main & CC Top 8’s
37:20 – Mentor Tournament Statement
42:00 – Week 1 Impressions
54:20 – BWS 128
57:40 – Non-Mire Spooky Action Pt. 2
59:45 – Shoutouts & Wrap-up

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Specky Clip Quick Demo by Andy Laso

NMG League S4
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Crosskeys Tournament
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HMG Tournament
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2023 Main Tournament
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2023 Challenge Cup
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2023 Mentor Tournament
Rules | Registration (Still open for Mentors & Crew) | Match Schedule
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