The 100th Episode of The Go Mode Podcast

The 100th Episode of The Go Mode Podcast

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This is the 100th episode of the Go Mode Podcast. timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy start with some eye contact, then Hurf and timp take a shot at Daaanty’s GMP 100 Episode Quiz (link below!) FEATURE: The co-hosts of the Go Mode Podcast reflect on the last 100 episodes of this podcast and recount some of the things they love about making it. They also discuss what the show will look like in the triple digits, and extend a sincere thank you to all of the folks who contributed to the show in the last ~4 years of its existence.

4:55 – Daaanty’s GMP Quiz
49:10 – Our favorite parts of making GMP
1:13:30 – Pain Points
1:28:55 – What GMP will look like going forward
1:34:30 – Thank You’s & Wrap-up

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Daaanty’s GMP 100 Episode Quiz

Questions | Answers

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