The Gauntlet, Spoiler Log Podcast, Top 3 Races & Bite-Sized Rando

The Gauntlet, Spoiler Log Podcast, Top 3 Races & Bite-Sized Rando

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Mentor Tournament Alumni, ASSEMB-L-L-L-E! Tune into on Saturday, May 27th @ 5:00 PM EDT and cheer on your year-appropriate representative in: CLASS WARFARE: A 4-way race featuring four years of MT Alumni!

4:15 – The Gauntlet – Roguelike LttP ROM Hack
14:35 – Main Tourney Highlights
17:15 – Casual Boots Invitational Concludes
18:55 – Mentor Tournament Pre-Rodeo Updates
23:35 – VOD Reviews for Boots Camp
25:50 – Kickoff Race: CLASS WARFARE
27:25 – MT22 Champ DDRKirby(ISQ)’s Bite-Sized Rando
29:45 – Spoiler Log Podcast – New RSS Feed
34:00 – GMP Accepting Rando Podcast Pitches
43:50 – Hurf’s Top 3 Race Memories
45:40 – timp’s Top 3
49:35 – Daaanty’s Top 3 Eras & Races
57:25 – Mobile Rando Fetch Question

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The Gauntlet – LttP Roguelike ROM Hack by kan

2023 Main Tournament
Brackets Challonge | Match Schedule

2023 Challenge Cup Challonge

ALTTPR Ladder Casual Boots Invitational Game 2

2023 Mentor Tournament
Rules | Registration (Open for Racers until June 2)
VOD Review Sign-Up (Racers & Mentors)

DDRKirby(ISQ)’s Bite-Sized Rando Playlist

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