The History of ALTTPR w/ Dessyreqt + Mentor Tournament 2022 Open Registration

The History of ALTTPR w/ Dessyreqt + Mentor Tournament 2022 Open Registration

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An episode all about recording history, eh? Seems like maybe the GMP boys might be overcompensating for Ep. 98, amirite?? A mere coincidence I’m sure. timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy start by covering the Main and CC Tournies currently underway, along with all the other normal episode stuff like the BWS and post-episode shout-outs. They also take some time to review what’s new with the 2022 Mentor Tournament since registration is NOW OPEN (link below!) FEATURE: The GMP Crew welcomes the developer of the first randomizer of A Link to the Past Dessyreqt onto the show to discuss the project’s history as well as reflect on its popularity, community, and overall place in the world of romhacking.

2:40 – Main Tourney & Challenge Cup
11:50 – Mentor Tournament 2022 Registration is Open
15:30 – New for 2022
27:35 – BWS: Tournament Keys
29:05 – Meet Dessyreqt
32:00 – Early Randos & Bingos
41:10 – Randomizing ALTTP
56:20 – Collaboration
1:10:30 – Community Race & 1st Release
1:21:00 – ALTTPR’s Legacy
1:29:35 – Thoughts on Today
1:37:05 – Show and Tell
1:40:55 – Plugs and Shoutouts

LINKS (visit for full urls)

Main Tournament
Schedule | Group E, Kaede Rukawa vs matt7898 (Daaanty on comms)

Challenge Cup
Schedule | Chaos Calculator By Group

Mentor Tournament 2022
Rules | Registration Form

The History of ALTTPR
Infinite Remix: The Story of the Link to the Past Randomizer
People Are Doing Remarkable Things With Zelda: A Link to the Past
ALTTPR Shirt from AGDQ 2018
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