The Main Tournament w/ sab0tender + League Finals & Racing Council 4

The Main Tournament w/ sab0tender + League Finals & Racing Council 4

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The warriors will tilt in battle to see who is best, until only one remains. This is the true meaning of competition. On the battlefield, you must give it everything…EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!!

…If you enjoy the extremely anime concept of Giving It Your All On The Battlefield, this is the episode for you! First, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy cover the news, including League Finals, the Ladder Season 6 Lottery, Racing Council, and the OWG MT Finals, and then top it off with a truly audacious round of anime recommendations. FEATURE: Main Tournament Admin sab0tender joins the crew to have a casual conversation about the Main Tournament, including highlights from the past and a view into the ALTTPR Racing Community’s premier 1v1 competition.

2:40 – Headliner: ALTTPR League Finals
7:10 – German Tourney & Ladder Lottery
10:35 – Racing Council Term Four
15:25 – GMP Community Updates
20:10 – The Main Tournament w/ sab0tender
1:32:20 – Questions & Wrap-up

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Fourth German Community ALTTPR Tourney Challonge

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