Which Zelda Characters Are We? + Pug Battle, Pick’em, & REDACTED

Which Zelda Characters Are We? + Pug Battle, Pick’em, & REDACTED

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BATTLE OF THE PUGS – September 25 @ 6pm EDT on https://twitch.tv/speedgaming – Crowd Control ALTTPR Race – Daaanty vs Andy

We’re in the middle of another Rando Golden Age! There’s sooo much ALTTPR happening these days, as timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy learn during the news portion of this episode. You’ve got the ALTTPR devs forming an LLC and starting a Patreon, SGL Qualifiers kicking off this week, League S4 starting soon, some Racing Council activity, three tourneys winding down, and even a little holdover from the Mentor Tournament for good measure. Stick around to the end for a solid Fetch Question! FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew spends almost an entire hour completing an online quiz to determine once and for all: which Zelda characters are we?

4:25 – ALTTPR Devs Form an LLC, Patreon
7:45 – Battle of the Pugs
10:55 – SGL Qualifiers & Admins Who Race
16:55 – ALTTPR League S4 & Pick’ems
22:50 – 2 Racing Council Votes, 1 Ban
28:50 – Pilot Spoiler, Crosskeys, Retrance
32:40 – MT21 Feedback & BWS
37:55 – Which Zelda Character Are We?
1:30:05 – The Results
1:33:00 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up

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ALTTPR Patreon

ALTTPR League Website | Division Reveal Stream | Pick’em Rules

Pilot Spoiler Challonge | Crosskeys Challonge | Crosskeys Schedule | Ladder Retrance Invitational

Which Zelda Character Are You?

First Race of the MT 2019

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